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Easy to use discord bot with loging system, database and a lot to offer. ⚠️ Only Czech & Slovakian language!


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👑 I will serve to your server!

  • [1.] Loging
  • I can see all over the server and that's why nothing escapes me! 🔭
  • [2.] Fun
  • Sometimes I'm so funny that I accidentally turned myself off. 🤡
  • [3.] Knowledge
  • I have a good knowledge of the internet! You can clearly see by going into command menu. 😉

⚡🔨 Technical problems

Sometimes there are problems being fixed but sometimes there is an mighty error that stops me from working. I'm sorry if that ever happens, after all im just a piece of code that isn't debugged properrly.

[CZ/SK] Budeme rádi když budete využívat LORDA který vám nejen zabaví celý server ale zároveň vám bude zaznamenávat co se děje na serveru. LORD má spousty příkazů např. Užitečných, Moderačních, Nastavitelných ale také spoustu zábavných příkazů a samozřejmě weeb příkazů. 😉

[EN] We will be happy if you will use LORD which will not only confiscate the entire server but will also record what is happening on the server. LORD has a lot of commands, such as Usefull, Moderator, Configurable, but also a lot of fun commands and of course we didn't forget on anime type commands. 😉

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