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High quality music bot with FREE volume control and bassboost! Supports YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, SoundCloud, your own files and more!

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avatar of flazepe
flazepe 25 days ago

Chip's commands are easy to pick up and its embeds are simple and don't take space. The music quality is way better than most popular bots. I use it from time to time. Commands such as loop and volume are locked to premium. You can also vote, which is fine, in my opinion. Voting takes less than five seconds anyway. Overall, Chip is a really good and stable music bot, no complains.


avatar of Ethan
Ethan 24 days ago

Very good very easy to use bot, I only have one complaint which is pretty insignificant. It’s that I have no recognition for being the first person to donate money to the developer


avatar of null
null 25 days ago

I switched to this from groovy, and haven't regret since, Chip has useful commands that are missing/locked to premium in other music bots. this bot also supports lots of music formats. The bot may sometimes break, or went down for maintenance, but still, will recommend adding to your server as the leading music bot.


avatar of mattthew
mattthew 25 days ago

chip is very stable and even if it goes down it resumes once it comes back up. the music quality is great and it’s just an all round good bot


avatar of Duane_
Duane_ 25 days ago

Chip is a high quality, well-designed, top-notch music bot with many advanced features. It has definitely given other music bots a run for their money. It also is consistently updated and managed by a smart, kind, and advanced developer who works hard to make an enjoyable experience for everyone. I would definitely give it a shot if you're looking to step up your Server.


avatar of Connor_CZ
Connor_CZ 25 days ago

More functions and I think even better quality than Groovy


avatar of MrSon
MrSon 25 days ago

A very Stable bot. It actually cares for it's user by putting the awesome audio effects for votelock, Mean when you vote you get access to it for 12 hours :D. It also if ur playing music on ur server and bot gets down. It comes back with ur good old queue u were playing :D No other bot does this. I suggest you this bot than other bots like groovy, rythm. Chip has the commands free just votelocked whereas other bots have them for premium!


avatar of D4rK
D4rK 24 days ago

Chip is one of the best music bots out there, it has a cool community, it's high quality, and has every command you'll ever wish for.


avatar of _Lorelai
_Lorelai 21 days ago

Chip is a really good bot and I'd recommend it to all of my Friends, Chip has clean embeds and a unique prefix that doesn't get confused with other bots, Voting is quick and you earn Premium features and I think that's great, And Stable music. Its better than Rhythm/Equally good.


avatar of Paddyk45
Paddyk45 20 days ago

Very cool bot!!! Free music control and bassboost is very helpful, chip is my fav music bot


avatar of oalahaha
oalahaha 25 days ago

So far, chip is a really good music bot, thank you


avatar of Telk
Telk 24 days ago

Very sexy bot, the cmds are easy to use. The bot is very robust and the music quality is very good. Some features are locked in premium but you can get by without them.


avatar of AshtonMemer
AshtonMemer 9 days ago

most epic music bot ever. does cool music bot things like plays music.


avatar of Fishron
Fishron 23 days ago

For some reason my reviews are getting deleted I think it's a bug but Chip is a great bot especially if you want to play the soviet national anthem in vcs.


avatar of Samuel
Samuel 23 days ago

Best Discord Music BOT! Very good.


avatar of DROID-B1
DROID-B1 19 days ago

gud bot


avatar of MR.OzzY
MR.OzzY 9 days ago

I love chip! the commands are simple and it always knows what song you want to play


avatar of Nott-_-WhySimp.
Nott-_-WhySimp. 22 hours ago

It is perfect so easy to use! love it i totally recommend it!


avatar of Dylаn
Dylаn 21 days ago

Bot is cool, the creator isn't.

avatar of Chip
Chip 21 days ago

What about the creator :thinking:

Replying to Dylаn

avatar of Ignacio
Ignacio 17 days ago

Very good bot