Chip is a high quality Discord music bot which streams high quality audio through Discord's voice channels!

Chip is a high quality Discord music bot which uses Lavalink to stream high quality audio from YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixer, Twitch, Vimeo and Bandcamp!

Music Commands

Name Description Usage
Clear Remove every track from the queue ch!clearqueue
Loop Cycles between loop settings, off (default) -> queue -> track -> off ch!loop
Nowplaying Displays information about the current playing track ch!nowplaying
Pause Pause the current playing track (Only works if the track isn't paused already!) ch!pause
Play Play a track from YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Mixer or bandcamp ch!play <-sc> [URL or search terms]
Queue Display the current queue ch!queue
Remove Remove a certain track from the queue ch!remove [Queue number]
Replay Replay the current track (Does not work for livestreams!) ch!replay
Resume Resume the current track (Only works if the track is paused!) ch!resume
Seek Seek to a specific time in the current track (Does not work for livestreams!) ch!seek [Time format]
Shuffle Shuffle the entire queue ch!shuffle
Skip Skip to the next track in the queue (Ends the player if there are no more tracks!) ch!skip
Stop Stop the current player (Will make Chip clear the queue and leave the channel!) ch!stop
Volume Change the playback volume (Must be between 1 and 200!) ch!volume [Volume number]

Miscellaneous Commands

Ping Displays Chip's response time to Discord ch!ping
Help Chip's build-in help command. Display default information about the bot plus a link to this documentation ch!help
Status Displays Chip's default statistics like uptime. ch!status