The best MSP (MovieStarPlanet) bot for discord 2020.

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Fun Game

Created By: HD# 6722

DarkkSourceMSP is the only MSP (MovieStarPlanet) bot that allows you to look up users and get basic information such as starcoins, fame, diamonds & more. You can also figure out what rares a user has (perfect for rare trading), and do a lookup using the clothids to find out whether or not you can glitch that rare in game, and you can even search permanently locked, or deleted users.

We even offer a cheap account recovery service which can help you get back an account that was scammed from you ($help for more information).

We hope you enjoy using DarkkSourceMSP, the best MSP bot for discord in 2020. (Created by Desource & DarkkEXPLOIT)