A cross-server reputation bot. Let your users know who they're dealing with before the first hello!

Know who you're dealing with

  • Repcord is a simple bot that aims at keeping users safe, and at keeping the bad guys at bay. When a new user joins your server, you can quickly check their reputation to see if they are a scammer, a creep or just a nice person! The data fueling this bot is fueled by users, so be sure to rep people that you encounter!
::rep help Bot info & commands ::rep @user (+/-) (Comment) Give positive or negative feedback on users. ::rep check @user Gives a breif summary of a users reputation.
::info Displayes technical information and statistics about RepCord. ::vote Provides link to upvote for RepCord and get upgraded features. ::donate Displays information on how to contribute to the development of RepCord
::prefix (new prefix) Customizable prefix for your own guild
Features & Specials
Easy to use A simplistic use of reputation on bot and website. Vote4Power Gain increased Rep Power by voting often! Website Everything logged to our own website with a comprehensive user panel!