Adorably aesthetic bot and Mimu's friend, Kumi - with a cute, advanced, and easy to use music system.

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Created By: iara# 0001 Moderator

= k u m i = | cuter music system™

adorably aesthetic bot with an easy to use music system and utilities.

• continuous, rapid development and accountable updates •
• 99.99% uptime, online 24/7 •
• smooth, modern and cute interface •
• we listen to your suggestions and implement what you want most •

commands and features

<> = optional arguments || [] = mandatory arguments

command description                    
>play [command] play a song specified
>remove [song number] remove a song from the queue (by position in queue)
>queue <song> view the queue of songs
>help <command> get the full command list or detailed command help
>skip skip the song that's playing
>leave make the bot leave (please clear the queue & disable looping before running this command)
>pause / >resume pauses and resumes the song that's playing respectively
>search [search term] searches up the song you specify on youtube; max. 10 results
>volume [1-200] change the volume of me ~
>loop toggle looping / repeating of songs
>clear clear the queue completely
>np shows what's playing currently
>shuffle shuffles the queue

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