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The perfect bot for every server! Create custom Sticky messages, get weather, Wikipedia articles, create polls, and so much more. Add now!


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📌Create a custom message that will always remain as the most recent message in a channel!

Visit Our Website: Here.

💡How Stickies Work:


Use the command ?stick in the channel you want the stickied message to be created in, followed by the message you would like to stick. Use ?help for a full list of commands. (Only your server moderators will be able to use these stick commands)


Your stickied message will now always be the most recent message in the channel (If your channel is very active, the message will be sent every 5 messages). StickyBot will always delete its last stickied message before sending the new one so no need to worry about any "spam".


To stop your sticky message just use the command ?stickstop. Advanced users can use premium commands to create sticky embeds, slower posting stickies, and much more! If you need any assistance we are happy to help in the Support Server.

NOTE: In order to comply with discords API TOS the "stickied" message is sent every 15 seconds or 5 messages rather than after every message.


(Do ?commands for the most up to date command list)

📌Sticky Commands:

?stick <message> - Sticks message to the channel.

?stickstop - Cancels stickied message.

(Member must have Manage Messages permissions to use sticky commands)

🎛️Utility Commands:

?poll <question> - Create a y/n poll for people to vote.

?apoll <question, option1, option2> - Create a multiple choice poll. Separate the question and options with commas. Supports up to 7 options.

?userinfo <@user> - Get info on a member.

?serverinfo - Get info on the server.

?embed <message> - Turns your message into a embed.

😄Fun Commands:

?roll - Roll two dice.

?weather <city> - Get the current weather in a city.

?wiki <article> - Get the requested Wikipedia article.

?wiki random - Get a random Wikipedia article.

?randomwiki - Get a random WikiHow article.

?coinflip - Flips a coin.

📃Other Commands:

?invite - Invite link for StickyBot.

?support - Invite to the StickyBot Support Server.

?about - Information about StickyBot.

?donate - Help keep StickyBot running smoothly.

?permcheck - Check if StickyBot has all the needed permissions.

?premium - Info about StickyBot Premium.

?disablecommands - Disables all non-sticky commands.

?enable commands - Enables all non-sticky commands.

🧡Premium Commands:

?stickembed <message> - Creates a sticky with a embed.

?stickslow <message> - Creates a sticky that sends slower than a normal sticky.

?setimage <image link> - Sets image for sticky embed in the channel.

?removeimage - Removes image for sticky embed in the channel.

?getimage - See the current channels sticky embed image & link.

?prefix <prefix> - Sets StickyBots prefix.

?resetprefix - Resets prefix to ?.

(Sticky embed color will be the color of StickyBots role). (Member must have Manage Server permissions to use prefix & image commands).

Click to open full website.

Click to open full website.

Any other Questions? Join the StickyBot support server and we will be happy to help plus we do giveaways!

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