Slayer Bot


A multi purpose discord bot

Slayer Bot Commands Prefix: s!

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  • s!addrole [user] [role] - Add a role to an user on your server, in order to assign a role the bot role must be above the others.
  • s!ban [user] [reason] - Ban an user from the server.
  • s!deletemsg [number] - Delete an amount of messages, the number must be between 2 and 100.
  • s!kick [user] [reason] - Kick an user from the server.
  • s!mute [user] [ms] - Mute an user for a specific amount of time, you have to create a new role called mute to make the command work.
  • s!removerole [user] [role] - Remove a role of an user.
  • s!setbotname [name] - Set a name for the bot.
  • s!setbotstatus [status] - Set bot status.


  • s!csgo [MySteamID] - Get csgo stats for an user given by STEAMID64.
  • s!csgofloat [inspect Url] - Get informations about a skin or a weapon.
  • s!lolcprot - Display the current champion rotation in EU West.
  • s!loltopfive [SummonerID] - Display the top 5 played champions of a summoner, based on the SummonerID. You can find your SummonerID at


  • s!help or s!help [commandName] - Display the list of commands if you just type $help or if you type $help commandName display the current command info.
  • s!serverinfo - Get server info.
  • s!serverinvite [ChannelID] - Get an invite for the server, but you must type the channelID to get the command work.
  • s!uptime - Get bot uptime.
  • s!userinfo - Get your user info.

Random stuff

  • s!distance [latitude1] [longitude1] [latitude2] [longitude2] - Get the distance between the sets of coordinates
  • s!dogs - Find some cute dog pictures.
  • s!flipcoin - Flip a coin.
  • s!google [query] - Get 3 search queries from Google Custom Search, you need to provide in the json file called googleConfig, your Custom Search Api Key and your CX.
  • s!ping - Ping the bot.
  • s!randomcolor - Generates a random hex color with preview.
  • s!rolldice - Roll a dice.
  • s!setafk [status] - Set your status afk or notafk.
  • s!weather [location] - Get the forecast information for a location.

Built with

Known issues

The google command is not 100% correct, if you do a search query the first result will be correct, but from second above the googleResults.json will corrupt itself. This simply means you will get a wrong query.