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Due to changes to Discords terms were are changing the bot to be in more line with these new guidelines. Please be patient through this transition.

Please see this attatched YouTube video explaining more of the details here: https://youtu.be/3gPkr7ieV-0

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avatar of Glitcher
Glitcher 2 months ago

People should not use this bot even when it was online it provided nothing your chats would be dead and nothing would change besides your member count.You would never have a community to speak too because people joined for there own benefit.It was set for failure from the start It should never been made and people should focus on making a good server and getting members the old fashion way.


avatar of Alone
Alone 2 months ago

gittiğine üzülsemmi sevinsemmi bilemedim fake üyelerden kurtulduk en azından


avatar of Lolicon
Lolicon 2 months ago

They really helped me out its sad to see so many bad reviews when the bot is amazing... Everyone gives it a bad review just because they are going through a hard time


avatar of Rico3x
Rico3x 2 months ago

this bot dosent work anymore


avatar of SpeedPyxl
SpeedPyxl 2 months ago

Idk why this bot wont add 2 my server :(


avatar of Dream!👑
Dream!👑 2 months ago

I Cant Add Bot Please Fix thats very sad...


avatar of JayDude
JayDude 2 months ago

It increased the member count a lot, it just needs incentive for people to talk to increase activity.


avatar of Kaylex
Kaylex 2 months ago

bu bot neden kapalı şuan