The Best Way To Get 1000s Of Members To Join Your Discord Server FAST!

Members+ Discord Bot

Want a lot of members on your Discord server?


Here is a quick tutorial to get you started as fast as possible:

1. First use +find to get some servers to join, join a few.

2. Next talk a little with the people in the server you joined. Check your +activity to see how many coins you can from doing so.

3. To get members check your +balance to see how many coins you have to spend. Each coins equals one user joining and talking on your server. Use +buy #ofcoinsToSpend AdvertMessage to get people to join with your coins. #ofCoinsToSpend is how many coins you have in your balance that you want to turn into joins. The advert message is the text you want people to see to decide if they want to join your server. Check +info to see how your order is progressing.

4. Watch the hundreds of people join your server:



Command used to find servers to join.


Command to figure out how many coins you can earn from being active.


Command to see your current coin balance.


Command to convert coins to joins. +buy #ofCoins MessageToAdvertise


Command to check how your order is going.


Command to see all other commands and get any help.