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A music bot which lets you create & play your own custom playlists, and gives other neat features, like tracking the time played in a server




Pai Sho

Pai Sho

Main features

Use ,tutorial, ,commands and ,help commandName any time you're stuck

  • Play any youtube / youtube music song using ,play. You can provide a query, or the url itself.
  • Create a playlist and add songs to it using ,playlistcreate and ,playlistadd
  • Play any playlist of the server using ,playplaylist
  • Only the author has permission to change the playlist; use ,playlistperm to permit users to change a certain playlist
  • Manage the queue with commands like ,move, ,skip, or ,playnext
  • List all the playlists of the server using ,playlists or narrow down this list by specifying a user
  • Look at all the songs in a certain playlist using ,playlist
  • The bot comes with a few automatic actions which are toggleable (for example increasing the voice channel limit by 1 for each bot that joins; this keeps the max amount of real users the same


Use ,settings to see all the possible settings for this bot; eg. changing the prefix using ,settings prefix

Playlists are persisted in a database, that way you'll never lose any of your playlists, even if the bot goes down.

I'm a student working in my free time on this bot. If you have any questions, bug reports or other useful information, contact me via mail

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