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A multipurpose bot focused on power and flexibility

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Hyperion is a multi purpose bot designed to let you tweak it to your desire

The goal of this project is to have a bot that lets you tweak as many settings as possible. To give server managers the control they need to do what they please. To give users a great experience, from the social and fun features, to info filled stats.

While still in early development, Hyperion already features a robust core months in the making It has a starboard, a management suite, basic info commands, rep, daily, and some fun commands To top it all off, development is happening constantly behind the scenes, with updates coming regularly

The current feature set includes:

-Moderation: Timed + sticky mutes, bans, case management, modlogs, a nickname decancer command. Hyperion has a robust set of commands to help you moderate your server

-Logging: Logs various events that happen in the server, including Ghost Reacts

-Highlights: Recive dm messages when target words are said, if you've been away from the server

-Starboard: with the ability to ignore channels, allow self stars if you choose, change the number of stars needed, and will soon allow for ignored roles and using a custom emote in place of the star

-Social: Rep your friends, give someone your daily money or keep it for yourself, and set a bio that shows on your whois page with much more to come

-Fun: Owoify text to uwu it to the max, take a look at an adorable chocolate lab, Sally, or bean your friends

-Manager: Change the prefix for the server, enable/disable commands and modules, and configure various settings for the bot

-Info: some basic stats about the bot, server, or users

-Quotes: automatically quote a message when a message link is posted

-Embeds: ceate fully customizable embeds for various uses in your server.

And much more to come over the next few months!

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wuper 19 days ago

Hyperion is a fantastic multipurpose bot! I have seen it grow and the work bean puts into it first-hand. It is very robust and feature-packed, easy to setup and works flawlessly! I would ditch all other bots and just use Hyperion because of the amount of features available. Logging, Reaction Roles, Highlights, Moderation, Embeds and MUCH more! Could use a web dashboard though to make those long and sometimes confusing config commands easier.

avatar of Hyperion
Hyperion 19 days ago

Thanks for the feedback! The Web Dashboard is planned, no ETA however!!!

Replying to wuper