A moderation, logging, and general quality-of-life bot.

Created By: snoekbaars# 1728

Stasi is a bot designed to moderate and log actions in Discord guilds.


!admin - Returns a list of all members with admin rights in the guild.

!autoroles - Sets the roles mentioned to be automatically added to new members.

!avatar - Returns the given user's avatar.

!guild - Displays info about the guild.

!member - Displays info about the calling member or the member mentioned in the message.

!mute - Mutes the mentioned member(s).

!pins - Returns the amount of pinned messages in the channel.

!purge - Deletes the given amount of messages.

!roles - Returns a list of all roles in the guild.

!userroles - Returns a list of all the user's roles.

... and more!

As well as toggleable logging of member joins/leaves/bans and message edits/deletes in a channel or in DM's.