A moderation, logging, and general quality-of-life bot.

FBI Commands Prefix: .

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Created By: snoekbaars# 1728

FBI is a bot designed to moderate and log actions in Discord guilds. It currently has the following commands: .help: .help [command] - print the help message for [command]. .mute: .mute [@member] - mute the tagged member. .purge: .purge [@member/amount] - if a member is tagged purge the 100 most recent messages by that member. If an amount is given purge that amount of messages. If no argument is given purge the 100 most recent messages. .avatar: .avatar [@member] - post the mentioned member's avatar. If no argument is given posts the caller's avatar. .setchannel: .setchannel[all/leavemessages/joinmessages/edit] - sets the current channel to log the type of messages given in the argument. .commandlist: .commandlist - send a message containing all commands this bot has.