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Nobo is a bot that can count members, role members, channels and roles on your server using a voice channel, the so-called counter channels.


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Nobo is a Discord bot that can manage your server by counting the members, channels and roles of your server and your server's roles' members. You can also create a manual counter, which you can control the size of with the updatemanualcounter command. Sizes are shown in a voice channel, with a customisable name in front of it. For example: Members: 678. The bot will log all kinds of actions regarding these counters, in clean-looking embeds that are free of Discord markdown bugs. To make this happen, he has the following commands:

Counter commands

  • <prefix>creategroupcounter <countername> [everyone]/[humans]/[bots] (<countercategoryname>)
    Create a group counter.
  • <prefix>renamegroupcounter everyone/humans/bots/<counterchannelID> <newcountername>
    Rename a group counter.
  • <prefix>deletegroupcounter everyone/humans/bots/<counterchannelID>
    Delete a group counter.

  • <prefix>createrolecounter <countername> <roleID/rolemention> (<countercategoryname>)
    Create a role counter.
  • <prefix>renamerolecounter <roleID/rolemention/counterchannelID> <newcountername>
    Rename a role counter.
  • <prefix>deleterolecounter <roleID/rolemention/counterchannelID>
    Delete a role counter.

  • <prefix>createcollectioncounter <countername> [channels]/[textchannels]/[voicechannels]/[categories]/[roles] (<countercategoryname>)
    Create a collection counter.
  • <prefix>renamecollectioncounter channels/textchannels/voicechannels/categories/roles/<counterchannelID> <newcountername>
    Rename a collection counter.
  • <prefix>deletecollectioncounter channels/textchannels/voicechannels/categories/roles/<counterchannelID>
    Delete a collection counter.

  • <prefix>createmanualcounter <countername> -- (<countercategoryname>)
    Create a manual counter. Use the renamemanualcounter command if you want to have a channel name with -- in it.
  • <prefix>renamemanualcounter <counterchannelID/countername> <newcountername>
    Rename a manual counter.
  • <prefix>altermanualcounter <counterchannelID/countername> +/-/= <number>
    Alter the size of a manual counter.
  • <prefix>deletemanualcounter <counterchannelID/countername>
    Delete a manual counter.

Additional counter commands

  • <prefix>setlogchannel (<channelID/channelmention>)
    Set the log channel to this or another channel.
  • <prefix>setlogpreferences counters
    Choose which things the bot should log.
  • <prefix>setlogs (on/off/custom)
    Choose whether the bot should update you with logs.
  • <prefix>viewcounters
    Get an overview of this server's counters.

Other commands

  • <prefix>embed (<channelID/channelmention>) <title> (-- <description> -- <colour> -- avatar/servericon/<imagelink>)
    Let the bot send an embed in this or another channel (react with 🕒 to add the time to it). Use \-\- if you want to have a title/description with -- in it.
  • <prefix>help (<commandname/commandalias>)
    Get information about a command.
  • <prefix>botinfo
    Show all information regarding the bot's setup on this server and the bot itself.
  • <prefix>ping
    Check the bot's connection.
  • <prefix>say (<channelID/channelmention>) <message>
    Let the bot say something in this or another channel.
  • <prefix>setprefix <newprefix>
    Set the prefix for this server.
  • <prefix>vote
    Vote for the bot on the page.
  • <prefix>changelog
    See the bot's latest changelog.

Things the bot can log, depending on the log setting and log preferences if set

  • Back online message: the bot will log that he is online again after a restart.
  • Size increased: the bot will log that the size of the counter has increased → the bot will rename the counter channel accordingly.
  • Size decreased: the bot will log that the size of the counter has decreased → the bot will rename the counter channel accordingly.
  • Counter channel renamed: the bot will log that someone renamed the counter channel → the bot will rename it back.
  • Counter channel deleted: the bot will log that someone deleted the counter channel → the bot will stop counting.
  • Role renamed*: the bot will log that the role was renamed → nothing happens.
  • Role deleted*: the bot will log that the role was deleted → the bot will delete the counter channel (if possible) and will stop counting.
  • * only applicable to role counters

Why choose Nobo?

  1. Every type of counter is available for any server.
  2. The bot will tell which members joined/left, channels/roles were created/deleted and members were given/removed from a role.
  3. It will always clearly tell you what happens or is going wrong (if needed in DMs).
  4. It will DM the server owner or an admin when something is going wrong regarding the permissions of the bot during counting.
  5. You can give the counter channel a custom name for free.
  6. You can use nice features like the viewcounters command to quickly see all important information about your counters or the botinfo command for all data stored about your server.
  7. It is very simple to make a very specialised embed with the bot, using a custom colour, title and description and even the possibility to set an image or add the timestamp underneath.

Explanation help command

  1. <> means the enclosed part is a variable. Replace the word and signs with something else.
  2. () means the enclosed part is optional. You can leave it out if you want.
  3. / means you have to give only one of the listed words or variables.
  4. [] doesn't mean anything and is there to differentiate between words and variables. You should include it in your message.

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