S&M Moderator


This is a simply Bot for Everythink! He can manage your server, play Music, Translate and much more!

S&M Moderator

The Bot is now official Verified! .

Bot Commands
:police_car: Basic Moderation :police_car:
*ban <@user> <reason> - Bans a member from the server.
*kick <@user> - Kicks a user from the server.
*mute <@user> - Mutes a user in the server.
*unmute <@user> - Unmutes a user in the server.
*invite - Generates the invite link for the bot.
*say <message> - Broadcasts a message in the channel.
*addrole <@user> <role> - Adds a role to a User.
*removerole <@user> <role> - Removes a role from a User
*softban <@user> <reason> - Soft bans a user from the server.
*ping - Gets the ping of the server and bot.
*help - Displays all the commands of the server.
*suggest <suggestion> - Logs a suggestion to the server.
*status - Changes the status of the bot.
*warn <@user> - Warns a user.
*warnings <@user> - Displays all the past warnings of a user. *clearwarnings <@user> - Clears all the warnings of a user.
:video_game: Fortnite Stats :video_game:
*fortnite <username> <pc,xb1,psn> - Retrieves the Fortnite stats from Fortnite Tracker for a user.
:thinking: Trivia :thinking:
*start - Starts a new game of trivia. *join - Joins an active game of trivia.
:cloud_rain: Weather :cloud_rain:
*weather <city> - Receives the weather forecast for a city.
:computer: ️ Commands :computer:
*Shop - Join Scobecrafts Shop server to buy Many Accounts!
*MMO-Server - MMO-Server
**openhelp - openhelp
**openhelp2 - 2nd open help
*play - Music Problems
*restart - Restarts the bot
*help - answer
**status - status
*ir - Invite Rewards
*inviterewards - inviterewards
*verify - here you can verify your Bots!
*vote - Vote for the Bot if you want to support the Owner!
*reload - Reload the Scripts
*avatar - Shows your Avatar!
*servericon - Shows the Server Icon
*region - Shows the Server Region
*count - Counts the Members of this server
*hello - Says hello Back
*staff - send you to a appication channel for staff
*help - help

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