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a simple music and mod and system bot



❯ | Public Commands

.ping : To Show Ping

.avatar [Mention] : To Show Avatar

.avt [ID] : To Show Avatar

.server : To Show Info For Server

.icon : To Show Server Avatar

.news : To Show News OF BOT

.invite : Bot Invite Using :.inv/invite

.credits: To Show Your Credit(s) And Trans Credit(s)

.daily : To Take Daily

.icon : To Show Server Icon

.user [Mention] : To See Some User Information

❯ | Admin Commands

.ban [Mention/ID] : For Banned User Using :.ban

.unban [Mention/ID] : UnBan Members Using :.Unban all/Unban [Mention/ID]

.kick [Mention/ID] : For Kick User

.role [Mention/ID] : For Give Rank

.mute [Mention] : For Muted User

.unmute [Mention] : For Unmute User

.clear [MessageNum] : For Clear Room

.gstart : To For Start Giveaways :SOON

.mchannel : To Close Room

.unmchannel : To Open Room

.banslist : To Show BanList

.hide : To Hide Rooms

.unhide : To Show Rooms

❯ | Protection Commands

.settings limitsban : To Set limitban

.settings limitskick : To Set limitkick

.settings limitsroleD : To Set limitroleDelete

.settings limitsroleC : To Set limitroleCreate

.settings limitschannelID : To Set limitChannel Delete And Create

.settings limitstime : To Set limit To Time OF Ban

.antispread on : To Delete Any Link

.antispread off : To Can Shera Any Link

.antibots on : To Turn On AntiJoinBots

.antibots off : To Turn off AntiJoinBots

.setlog : Created Room Log

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