Shake trees, Go fishing, Catch bugs and more! Isabelle brings Animal Crossing to Discord.

Created By: Lunch# 3089

Animal Crossing: Discord

This bot brings features from Animal Crossing into Discord!

Command Description
Main Commands
ac!profile [@user] Shows your Profile
ac!inv [@user/info] Shows your Inventory
ac!town <town_name> Create your Town
ac!birthday <date> Set your Birthday
ac!gift <@user> <item> [quantity] [note] Gift an item to someone
ac!map Shows you where you are
ac!travel <location> Travel to different places (35 Bells)
ac!shop View the Shop
ac!buy <item> <quantity> Buy items using Bells
ac!sell <item> <quantity> Sell your items
ac!sellall Sell all your items
ac!daily Get your daily Bells
Game Commands
ac!shake Shake a Tree and get items
ac!pick Pick items found on the floor
ac!chop Chop down a tree [Requires Axe]
ac!smash Smash a Rock [Requires Shovel]
ac!fish Catch Fish [Requires Fishing Rod]
ac!catch Catch Bugs [Requires Net]
ac!dig Dig things from the ground [Requires Shovel]
Util Commands
ac!help Shows the Command list
ac!invite Get a Bot Invite
ac!vote Vote for the bot!
ac!support Get an invitation to the Support Server
ac!update Updates your information [Will be announced when it's needed]