Rpg bot in development , based on MMORPG games, with tankers, dps, healers, party, bosses, equipments and stuff like that.

(KEEP IN MIND, THIS IS A BETA TEST, EVERYTHING WILL BE RESET ONCE ITS DONE) This bot is far from done but you can test it and help us fix bugs. I dont really recommend you invite to your server because its really buggy, so join our server and be a beta tester.
!help to see commands. and !start to start playing
How this bots works? you better join our server to find out. but i will give you some info. This bot is based on ragnarok and TOS. If you like MMORPG like those, or TERA and FFXIV. you might enjoy this bot. you first start as a novice. kill some monsters, get level 5. then you pick a class between swordsman, rogue, archer, mage or priest. then you keep leveling up and enhancing your skills and getting better equipments. after level 100. you can change to a stronger class, and get reset to level 1, with your new class. you probably get the idea.... find out more with us.
Future patch plans (working on it)

Battle example against monster with party members

Duel battle (in development)

Guild system with guild bosses and quests

Guild Boss fight

Tower of Bosses that gives the best gear from the game. But they arent easy to beat.

The guild bosses drop the strongest weapons from the game.

Every class has their own skill.

Every map gives your stronger equipments, but you have to face stronger monsters

Equipments quality are normal(80% chance), magic(15% chance), rare(4% chance), epic(1% chance) and legendary(0,01% chance).