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Ticket Panda

Ticket Panda is the only Ticket bot you will ever need. It will create channel for support to talk with the user



The Ticket bot you will ever need!

All the commands can be found by typing -help in a chat

Use cases:

Ticket Panda is best used when a communication between a server moderator and a user.


A lot of customization features

A great Ticket bot

Great and super fast 24/7 hosting with an uptime of more than 99.99%

Active development and one of the quickest response times to support requests

Established and trustworthy bot. We would never share your data with any third parties

High level of security to protect all your user data

No setup required! Just add Ticket Panda to your server and you will be ready to create tickets instantly!

You can add users and people so that 1 guy can handle a ticket at a time!

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