Sonic Bot


A bot made to deliver you the best discord expierence

Sonic Bot Commands Prefix: s! (customizable) | Music Prefix => ms! | Radio Prefix => rs!

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afk (text) | sets an afk status for you

avatar (mention|id|username) | gives you the avatar of a certain user

cpu | shows the cpu of the bot (fixed command)

help | Shows the Commands

invite | gives the bot invite

kiss (mention) | kiss someone UwU

pat (mention) | pat someone

ping | Pings my ping!

say (text) [or mention a channel/put the id at the beginning of the text to send the text to a certain channel] | lets me say words

serverinfo | gives info about the server

serverprefix set (prefix) | serverprefix reset | Used to set or reset the server prefix

slap (mention) | slap someone

userinfo (mention|id) | Gives info about an user


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Music Commands

Play (Plays Music)

join (Joins the Channel)

disconnect (Disconnects from the channel)

skip (Skip the current track)

pause (Pauses the Music)

resume (Resumes the Music)

queue (Shows the queue but only if 6 are in it)

np (What song is currently playing)

leave (leaves the voice channel)