Undertale-themed multipurpose bot! Birthdays, server stats, images, music, web, moderation, verification, giveaways, chatbotting, and more!

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

* = premium only, ** = enhanced with premium, < ... > = required, [ ... ] = optional, / = alias (either work)

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birthday MM DD YYYY
Registers your birthday! MM DD and YYYY must numbers

bad time
Gives you a bad time

corona [country/date] [country code/MM DD YYYY]
Live info about covid-19

Sends a humerous pun

fact [Animal]
Sends a fact about an animal! If nothing is sent, it gets a random fact

poll <Options 1 - 2> [Options 3 - 20]
Makes a poll with 2 - 20 options! To have spaces, put each option in quotes.

say [@Mention]
Makes someone (or yourself if no one is mentioned) say something! must be in quotes only if you are NOT mentioning someone.

quote <Link 1> [Link 2] [Link 3]...
Quotes a message or multiple messages. Each argument can be a link to the message, the channel/message url when you click "Copy Link". Links can also be ID sets (shift-click "Copy ID").

ship <Thing 1> <Thing 2>
Ships 2 people (or things). Thing 1/Thing 2 can be words or mentions. To have spaces, put each thing in quotes.

Defines a word via the Webster Dictionary

Searches a fanwiki for a term

Searches a fanwiki for a summary of a term

Calculates an equation! Operators are + for plus, - for minus, * for multiply, / for divide, ^/** for power, % for remainder

rand/random [Start number] [End number]
Sends a random number from [Start number] to [End number]. If nothing is given, it goes 1 to 10

Ask the magic 8-ball!

Rate something or someone out of 10!

Sends a random anime quote!

profile [Mentions/Name search]**
Sends your (or someone mentioned/searched the name for) profile

Get a random emoji

Send information about the server you are in

Order a pizza via Domino's!

Play The Adventures of Discord, a multiplayer, cross-server text-based dungeon crawler!

text** [Character] [Animate Flag] <Number 1- 50>
See text section of help commands

animal [Animal]
Sends an image of an animal! If nothing is sent, it gets a random image

do [@Mention]
Does a thing! Options for action are pat, face-palm, wink, and hug. @ someone to do it to them

Sends『a e s t h e t i c』gif

Reads text from latest image in chat!

meme <Phrases 1 - 4>
Makes a meme! Selections are upgrade, nut, drake, and brain. Only make texts 3 & 4 if using brain.

wordcloud/wc [Selection]**
Makes a word cloud!
Regular Selections: None = standard word cloud, sans = sans, monkey = sans monkey
Premium only selections: xl = Extra large word cloud, kirby = kirby, floosh = floosh emoji

blur/greyscale/invert/pixelate/posterize/sepia/motionblur/rotationalblur/edge/emboss/kuwahara/shade/sharpen/spread/noise/charcoal/ rbswap/rgswap/bgswap/implode/solarize/sketch/swirl/wave/lsd/3d [Mention]
Applies a filter/effect to an image! If there are no mentions, the last image in the channel is used. If there are mentions, then it will be the profile pic of the user mentioned

beautiful/bobross/gay/scroll/triggered [Mention]
Applies a template to an image! If there are no mentions, the last image in the channel is used. If there are mentions, then it will be the profile pic of the user mentioned

Play a random LiterallyNoOne rip

Searches YouTube or takes a YouTube URL and plays it

Display information about the currently playing song

Shows the current queue

volume/vol <Number 0 - 100>
Adjust the volume

Skips to next song in the queue

Remove a song from queue

Pauses current song

Pauses current song

Stops playing music and clears queue

join [Channel Name]
Join a voice channel. If no channel is specified, it will try to join the voice channel you are in currently

Searches Genius for lyrics of a song name!

Shows all birthdays on the server! (must have administrator permissions)

purge <Number 1 - 100>
Purges a specific amount of messages (must have manage messages permissions)

Prunes inactive members not seen after a number of days (must have administrator permissions)

ban <user name/mention/id> [reason]
bans user (Must have ban members permission)

kick <user name/mention/id> [reason]
kicks user (Must have kick members permission)

giveaway/g [Number of hours] [Number of winners]
Starts a giveaway! If no options are provided for either number of hours or number of winners, they both default to 1 (must have administrator permissions)

giveawayend/gend <Message ID/Message link/Message ID Set>
Ends a giveaway! Please link a message ID, ID set or link. Only do message ID if this is in the same channel. (must have administrator permissions)

Blacklists a user from using my commands (must have administrator permissions)

UN-Blacklists a user from using my commands (must have administrator permissions)

mention/mrole [Note]
Mentions a role with an optional note! Make sure to put the role name in quotes, but anything after doesn't have to be in quotes. (must have mention everyone permissions)

stats [create, update, show]
Sets up/updates a server stats category. If you give it no option, it will create the category (must have administrator permissions)

Sets up the literallynobot chat channel, where you can talk to him using machine learning! (must have administrator permissions)

Sends all emojis in the server. Warning: may send a lot of messages (must have administrator permissions)

Locks an emoji so that only those with certain roles may use it (must have administrator permissions)

UNlocks a previously locked emoji (must have administrator permissions)

Invoke with ;text [Character Number] [Animate Flag]
To have your text box be animated, the Animate Flag should be 1. Otherwise, leave blank.
For example, ;text 2 1 wanna have a bad time? returns an animated gif of blue-eyed sans saying "wanna have a bad time?", and ;text 22 tem flakes! would return a static image of temmie saying "tem flakes!"

1 - 8: Sans
1 = Regular, 2 = Blue eye, 3 = Smug, 4 = Hit, 5 = Confused, 6 = No eyes, 7 = Wink, 8 = Looking away

9 - 11: Papyrus
9 = Regular, 10 = Googly eyes, 11 = Mad

12 - 19: Undyne
12 = Regular, 13 = Happy, 14 = Laughing, 15 = Sweat, 16 = UwU, 17 = wut, 18 = Annoyed, 19 = Disgusted

20 - 23: Undyne the Undying
20 = Regular, 21 = Laughing, 22 = Sweat, 23 = Looking away

24 - 26: Temmie
24 = Regular, 25 = Hurt, 26 = No Food (Smug AF)

27 - 29: Monster Kid
27 = Regular, 28 = Angry, 29 = Terrified

30 - 34: Alphys
30 = Regular, 31 = Confident, 32 = Blushing, 33 = In Love, 34 = Nervous

35 - 39: Mettaton EX
35 = Regular, 36 = Tounge out, 37 = Laughing, 38 = Sassy, 39 = Hit

40: Papru

41 - 43: Ralsei
41 = Regular, 42 = MS Paint, 43 = True Ralsei

44 - 46: Susie
44 = Regular, 45 = Grinning, 46 = Pissed

47: Madman

48 - 50: Snan
48 = Eyes closed, 49 = Eyes open, 50 = UwU

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