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A management bot including Starboard, Music, Reaction Roles, Hololive Tracking, Genshin Impact calculators, SauceNAO support, and more


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Officially Verified Discord bot as of 4/21/20

Welcome to Succubus Bot

Succubus is a moderation and server improvement bot with numerous helpful features. Including but not limited to:

Starboard Give your users the ability to "pin" messages in a special channel
Reaction Roles Makes giving users roles a breeze
SauceNAO image searching Easily search the SauceNAO databases right in Discord
Logging With fully customizable logging, you choose what gets logged in your server
Ping Clubs Virtual Roles to ping users with, without filling up your role list
Hololive Stream Tracking View data for all of Hololive's VTubers, including upcoming and live streams
Hololive Stream Notifiers Get notified whenever a VTuber goes live in your server, or have them sent directly to your DMs
Genshin Impact Currently includes a Genshin Impact Mora + EXP materials calculator!
Music Queue system, looping, volume control, and playlists. All for free
Welcome Messages + Images Fully customize your user's first experience in your server
...and more! The list goes on and on

Interested? Invite Succubus to your server!

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