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Kizuna is a friendly discord music bot that provides high quality music, fun, administration and more to your ears.


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Kizuna is a great multi functional Discord bot with tonnes of fun with commands that provide fun, moderation and utility.

Kizuna provides a bunch of fun commands such as changing your profile picture.

(Use $help for the most recent version of commands)
Command Category Info Cooldown (s)
calc General Calculator able to solve complex operations and to convert units! 1
hastebin General Upload your text on hastebin! 5
help General Show commands list or specific command help. 5
invitations General Show the number of people you have invited to the server! 3
invite General Shows Kizuna links! 5
permissions General Displays the member's permissions in the channel 1
ping General Shows Kizuna's latency 1
quote General Quote a message in the channel! 5
remindme General Add a new personal reminder 3
report General Send your report to the channel defined for them 5
serverinfo General Shows information about the server 3
setafk General Become AFK (members who mention you will receive a message) 3
shorturl General Make your links shorter 5
someone General Pick a random member on the server! 1
staff General Shows the server staff members list! 3
translate General Translate your text! 8
userinfo General Shows user information! 5
addcommand Administration Add a custom command! 3
addemoji Administration Add an emoji to the server! 5
automod Administration Toggle Discord invites automatic deletion 5
autorole Administration Toggle autorole on the server 5
backup Administration Manage your server backups in an efficient way 30
configuration Administration Shows the server Configuration! 3
delcommand Administration Remove a custom command! 3
deletemod Administration Toggle moderation commands auto deletion! 3
goodbye Administration Toggle goodbye messages! 3
ignore Administration Toggle commands in a channel 3
setlang Administration Change the server language 3
setmodlogs Administration Set the moderation logs channel! 3
setprefix Administration Set the server prefix! 3
setreports Administration Set the reports channel! 3
setsuggests Administration Set the suggestions channel! 3
slowmode Administration Set a channel cooldown 3
welcome Administration Toggle welcome messages! 3
8ball Fun I'm telling you the truth! 3
ascii Fun Turn your text into ascii characters! 5
choice Fun Helps you choose between the given choices! 5
findwords Fun Start a Findwords party, a game where you have to find words! 5
flip Fun Let me roll the dice for you 1
fml Fun Get a random FML image 3
joke Fun Gets a wonderful joke specially made for you! 3
lmg Fun Generate a LMGTFY link with your search 1
lovecalc Fun How much love is there between two people? 3
play Music Plays a song with your request 3
stop Music Stops playing in that server 3
skip Music Skips the current song 3
queue Music Shows the current playing song + the next songs {list} 3
purge Music Stops playing that server and removes all songs in the list. 3
volume Music Changes the volume of Kizuna 3

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