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Created By: Daaku# 1056

Aki is a high quality discord bot made to do everything! Instead of having 10 bots doing a couple commands, Aki is made to do everything that Mee6, Dyno, Yui, Yggdrasil, YAGPDB etc. do but all in a single bot!

And remember that aki has 99.99% uptime! Which most big bots struggle for!

Some extra tips:

  • You can enable and disable specific commands with Aki Disable [Command] and Aki Enable [Command]
  • Aki's prefix can be changed to anything with Aki Prefix [Your Prefix]
  • Make Aki only work in a specific channel with Aki Botchannel [#Channel]
  • Blacklist users from using Aki with Aki Blacklist [@User] and allow them again with Aki Whitelist [@User]
  • Set up staff roles with Aki Modrole [@Role], Aki Srmodrole [@Role] & Aki Adminrole [@Role] Or just give the user the permission needed for the original act (aka. people with ban permissions can use aki ban, but so can srmods)

Voting rewards you with 750 global XP and 500 Coins!

Small preview of Aki