Moderation, Automation, AutoRoles, ReactionRoles, Search, Memes, Statistics, Economy, Gifs (like hug/kiss), Giveaways, Reminders & more!

Created By: Daaku# 1056

Some of Aki's 130+ commands, She can do much more though!
And remember that aki has 99.99% uptime!

Some extra tips:

  • You can enable and disable specific commands with Aki Disable [Command] and Aki Enable [Command]
  • Aki's prefix can be changed to anything with Aki Prefix [Your Prefix]
  • Make Aki only work in a specific channel with Aki Botchannel [#Channel]
  • Blacklist users from using Aki with Aki Blacklist [@User] and allow them again with Aki Whitelist [@User]
  • Set up staff roles with Aki Modrole [@Role], Aki Srmodrole [@Role] & Aki Adminrole [@Role] Or just give the user the permission needed for the original act (aka. people with ban permissions can use aki ban, but so can srmods)

Small preview of Aki