This is a Radio streaming Bot. That play internet radio streams to discord. Currently plays 20 radio stations.

Discord Bots

Donut Radio Bot

Donut is a Discord bot that plays internet radio station


  • Plays Radio Stations
  • Show info about Discord and Bot


Radio Comamnds

Name Description Usage aliases
[1]LoveRadio Plays ILoveRadio Radio Station ~r1 ~iloveradio
[2]ILoveBass Plays ILoveBass Radio ~r2 ~bass
[3]ILoveRadioAndChill Hit Chill Music ~r3 ~chill
[4]538IbizaRadio Hit Ibiza Muisc ~r4 ~ibiza
[5]54HouseFM Hit House Music ~r5 ~house
[6]QRadioChill Chill Hit Music ~r6 ~qchill
[7]QRadioVibe Vibe Radio. ~r7 ~vibe
[8]CoolFM Fm Radio Station ~r8 ~coolfm
[9]FunXDance Dance music ~r9 ~dance
[10]100%FLNonStop NonStop Music ~r10 ~nonstop
[11]LofiRadio Lofi Radio ~r11 ~lofi
[12]NCSRadio NonCopyRighSounds Radio ~r12 ~ncs
[13]Progressive House Progressive House Muisc ~r13 ~progressivehouse
[14]JustGoodMusic JustGoodMusicRadio ~r14 ~justgoodmusic
[15]DeepHouse Deep House Music ~r15 ~deephouse
[16]R&BSoul R&B Music ~r16 ~rnb
[17]GoodVibes Good Vibes Only ~r17 ~goodvibes
[18]Tropical House Kygo Tropical Hosue ~r18 ~ tropicalhouse
[19]RCL26House Rcl26House Music ~r19 ~rcl26house
[20]RadioParty.PL RadioParty.PL ~r20 ~radioparty

Info Commands

Name Description Usage aliases
Botinfo Shows info about bot ~botinfo ~bi
Help Shows all of the commands ~help ~h
Ping Sends bot response time ~ping ~pi
Server List See what servers the bot is in ~serverlist ~si
Timer Make a timer s/m/h/d ~timer<s/m/h/d> ~t<s/m/h/d>
Uptime See how long bot has been awake for ~uptime ~ut

Info About Donut

Donut supports 20 Different radios. And is currently in early Development. More updates soon.


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