LuffyBot. have a lot of images commandsand fun commands and settings commands like autorole and suggestions, welcomer.

LuffyBot. Commands Prefix: lfy or (Customizable)

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LuffyBot is a fully foreign bot with some commands and things from other bots and developed by Arab developers, but the bot is rather complete.

1. Easy to use
2. Hosted on a vps so it has a quick connection to the discord
3. The bot is updated weekly to solve problems and add new features
4. It is verified by discord, which means ensuring the safety of your server with luffyBot
5. Lfy is the first bot that has many advantages, the most important.
6. Lfy It provides orders that are not available in any other bot.

LuffyBot is a great bot for any server for moderation

you can now invite luffybot by click invite
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