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Argus creates a Text-Channel for each Voice-Channel, which is hidden by default. It only becomes visible when you join the Voice-Channel.







Hi there, I am Argus! I am here to keep a close eye on your voice-channels!

When you add me to your server, I will add a text-channel for each voice-channel, where people can chat about stuff in said voice-channel. You know, for all those YouTube-links, images, memes and so on talked about in the conversation.

But here comes the catch: These text-channels are invisible until you actually join the voice-channel! This has the upside, that nobody can see or write in the text-channel, unless they are in the corresponding voice-channel (or unless you're an admin, sorry I can't do anything about that ^^").

And if that wasn't enough yet, I can also create temporary voice-channels with just one command and log the joins and leaves in the text-channel!


When you invite me to your server, I will make a new channel, which only admins can see, and explain everything there. Don't worry, you can delete it when we're done.


All commands need to be preceded with the prefix you set. If you haven't set one, the default prefix is a!.

a!help - shows a help-embed with all commands.

a!temp [name] - creates a temporary VC with the given name.

a!settings - Shows the current settings and tells you how to change them.

a!resync - manually resyncs your server. Use this if you notice that someone is missing their permissions to see the text-channel they should see.


Why does Argus need the Manage Roles permission?
Manage Roles allows me to change permission-overrides in Text-Channels. I won't change anything in your role-system, and if you don't trust me, you can move my role all the way to the bottom, I'll still do my thing but I can't change any roles above mine ^^

Why does Argus need the Manage Channels permission?
I need this role to create temporary voice-channels.

Why does Argus need the Move Members perimission?
Although this feature is not implemented yet, I will be able to move members into their temporary voice-channel if they create one while connected to another voice-channel.

Why does Argus not work with some channels?
If that happens, please join my Discord-Server below, so Ryeera can help you. It shouldn't happen, but if it does, please tell him.

Planned Features

  • Private Voice-Channels
  • Command to make it so a voice-channel doesn't have an associated text-channel anymore / blacklist
  • More Options
    • Instead of assigning permissions to an existing text-channel, create a new text-channel (more organized for admins)
    • Format Logging
    • Create Master-text-channel for copying permissions (for example so that mods can always see the text-channels)
  • Support for bots like Server Stats that use voice-channels in a way that means that Argus shouldn't create a text-channel for them.

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