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Real game questing + currency bot for your Discord, supporting 1000+ games. Featuring pets, profiles, happy hours, group quests and more!



Mushroom.gg offers some great improvements for your Discord server!

- Better server engagement
- More gameplay together
- More rewards for your gameplay
- Fun group competition and rewards

So, what does the Mushroom bot offer?

  • Quests for virtually every PC game!
  • Daily happy hours
  • Global coin currency system
  • Coin wagering
  • Unique animated pets
  • Leaderboards
  • Mushroom.gg profiles for sharing game accounts
  • Posting, commenting, sharing, friending

We bring MMO features into your Discord to make it fun, rewarding, and way more active.

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Based on 22 reviews

avatar of BigNFamous
BigNFamous 1 month ago

sick reward system. you play games while on discord and it automatically rewards you. they even have super random games. you can bet coins and make a profile and link your accounts and stuff. prettyn neat.


avatar of Kbear
Kbear 1 month ago

Great bot. I love the rewards for all the irl items and all the amazing people I've met through Mushroom.gg.

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Thanks Kbear, we're working hard to bring people together easier through this awesome world of gaming. Glad you're experiencing our vision first hand.

Replying to Kbear

avatar of guavaboye
guavaboye 1 month ago

Has made me and my friends play a lot more games together to try to finish all of our quests. A fun addition to the games I am already playing!

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Thanks Guavaboye! thats our goal. more games more community more fun!

Replying to guavaboye

avatar of Chronny
Chronny 1 month ago

Mushroom bot is awesome. Supports all of my favorite games and adds new features all the time!

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Hey Chronny, thanks for the review. We're busting our hump to bring cool new things constantly. let us know if we're missing anything!

Replying to Chronny

avatar of Reacien
Reacien 1 month ago

What are all the games that mushroom supports? Can't find it anywhere.

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Hey Colin, we currently support over 1000+ unique games. Is there a specific game in which you're missing/wanting quests for? If so, let us know and we'll be sure to add it. Thanks and Game On

Replying to Reacien

avatar of rynosin
rynosin 1 month ago

Great reward system for playing games with friends!

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Hey Rynosin, Thanks for the review. Friends and Gaming are the perfect combo!

Replying to rynosin

avatar of CassioPious
CassioPious 1 month ago

Love mushroom ❤️❤️ Have added it to multiple of my servers and I enjoy the quests and rewards


avatar of Revo
Revo 1 month ago

People in our discord are actually using Mushroom and are streaming / voice chatting more than before. Love it.

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Hey Revo, thats the idea. glad to hear you're seeing people use the bot. thanks for the review

Replying to Revo

avatar of Gravy
Gravy 1 month ago

Always love using mushroom bot with my friends! Adds a great experience with discord

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Hey Gravy, thanks for the review! Glad to hear you have friends.

Replying to Gravy

avatar of JTx13
JTx13 1 month ago

Mushroom is a very intuitive system to use, launch a game and start playing, collect rewards for completing a variety of quests for each game and the quests rotate daily. The devs are very open to feedback and constantly working on new things. The admins are quick to respond to and troubleshoot any issues that may come up. Good group of folks and a great bot to have. Enjoy it and happy questing!

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Hey JTx13, Thanks for the review and kind words. We're really passionate about gaming and being able to bring people together. Glad to hear you're really enjoying the bot.

Replying to JTx13

avatar of TheCodeMan
TheCodeMan 1 month ago

Mushroom is the best system out there. It’s like hanging out at the mall arcade with your friends..Mushroom rewards you with in server currency to trade in at the prize wall! Love these guys <3


avatar of benjaminx
benjaminx 1 month ago

Great bot - I can track just how much I'm winning on the leaderboards!


avatar of Chips
Chips 1 month ago

Really enjoy using mushroom to stay engaged with different games. Helps get you out of those ruts of playing a single game for months on end and more engaged with friends. The currency you earn gets you some sweet merch but I usually end up making too many wild bets with my friends. Great tool for added bragging rights. I am also owed 10 base coins from a bet on the golf course....just saying.


avatar of CutieBearJames
CutieBearJames 1 month ago

This Bot keeps users engaged with such a satisfying reward system. It gives daily/weekly incentives for gamers buddies looking to do more fun things together or to compete and drive wedges between even the strongest friendships with the reward leaderboards. If you're looking to grow your server; Mushroom is the way to go!


avatar of Kenfro
Kenfro 1 month ago

Easy to access and friendly environment.

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Hey Kenfro, Simple and Clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight

Replying to Kenfro

avatar of Jarl
Jarl 1 month ago

I like it.


avatar of Jonehahs
Jonehahs 1 month ago

Awesome quests. Great for communities.


avatar of Man Bun 2034
Man Bun 2034 1 month ago

Mushroom is the only way to truly socialize while your gaming. From personalized profile pages to post all your achievements to always being able to find people on that want to party up and weekly nights dedicated to getting down on the most popular titles out there, Mushroom does it all. You get rewarded with gear and swag in real lie for simply playing a game by yourself or with the community which is an added bonus. You won't catch me playing any other way. You're never alone when you're with Mushroom.


avatar of HeathJuneClaire
HeathJuneClaire 1 month ago

Love mushroom bot! It makes gaming with my friends more fun.

avatar of Mushroom
Mushroom 1 month ago

Hey HeathJuneClaire, thanks for letting us know how we're doing. tell your friends "hello" for us.

Replying to HeathJuneClaire

avatar of Sage
Sage 1 month ago

I love this thing. Makes the whole server I game on feel like it's on some kind of premium upgrade. Lots of surprisingly useful features w/ posts, friending with in the server, rewards to pick a few