The Crunchyroll discord bot! Live Anime News / Releases, Customisable watchlist. Anime lookup. Corona (Covid-19) can't stop anime!

The dedicated Crunchyroll bot at your fingertips

Crunchy is the dedicated Crunchyroll Discord bot, everything you want from Crunchyroll is brought to your fingertips in discord! Make use of Crunchy's Unique and Excluse Simulcast release feed and crunchyroll news webhooks to stay up to date with all the latest news.

Highlighted Features:
+ extensive search feature for finding animes you love or seeing if theres anything related!
+ She also has the ability to look up specific animes and bring up details about it by doing -animedetails.
+ Find group who share the same interests as you on Crunchyroll using using -group command to find more like minded individuals!

Keep track of your watchlist using Crunchy's built in anime Queue system, just add anime's to queue using -addanime, then just call -upnext for the next anime in your queue to watch! After you've watched it why not rate it and keep track of what animes are your favourite!

We now support multi-language aswell!

We support over 10 diffrent languages:
+ en - english
+ es - Español (América Latina)
+ es-es - Español (España)
+ pt-br - Português (Brasil)
+ pt-pt - Português (Portugal)
+ fr - Français (France)
+ de - Deutsch
+ it - Italiano
+ ru - Русский
+ ja - 日本語
+ tr - Türk

General Commands
-help Brings up the help command.
-invite Invite me!
-setprefix Set a custom preifx.
-support Join my support server.

Search Functions
-animedetails Get details on a specific anime.
-group Search up an anime group.
-manga Search up Crunchyroll manga.
-search Search up any anime thing on Crunchyroll.

Live Feeds
-addnewschannel Add a live crunchyroll news feed to a channel.
-addreleasechannel Get any Crunchyroll releases to a channel.
-todaysreleases Find out new episodes today on Crunchyroll!

Search Functions
-addanime Add an anime to your watchlist or favourites.
-myfavourites View your favourite anime list.
-myqueue View your watchlist.
-removefavourite Remove a anime from your favourites.
-upnext Get the next up in your watchlist.

Want to know when a new anime comes out or one of your favourite animes gets a new episode released? Get all the latests releases with the live release feed webhook!

Stay upto date with all the latests news and developments with anime and crunchyroll with Crunchy's live news webhook feed!

Want to show off your favourite anime to your friends? Maybe you just want to look up an anime you've heard about. We've got you covered! using the "AnimeDetails" command anything is possible!

Want to look for a list on animes or related things, like voice actors, groups and other shows? Look no further than the "Search", "Manga", "Group" commands. This will try find you the top 5 results to your search query! Give it a try with "-search Darling in the Franxx" and see what comes up!