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Kick 'em in the dick! Stats, leaderboard, memes, and more.


^ (customizable)
Server Count
Command Category Info Alias
^help Info See all the commands ^H
^kick @player PvP Kick a dick ^K
^mega @player PvP Mega-kick some dick ^M
^ammo PvP Get foot ammo ^A
^profile Info Your profile, stats, and rank ^P
^leaderboards PvP The Leaderboards ^L
^suggest [thing] Submission Submit an idea or image ^S
^server Info Statistics
^bot Info Statistics Etc.
^setprefix [thing] Customization Change the bot's prefix
^inspire Fun Inspirational cat posters
^meme Fun Random memes
^ship @person1 @person2 Fun Love calculator
^battle @someone Fun Duel to the death
^cat, ^dog, ^dance, ^run, ^cringe Fun Random image reactions
^slap, ^bully, ^kill, ^pat, ^hug, ^kiss Fun @Player actions
^define [thing] NSFW Urban Dictionary

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