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A multi-purpose bot which aims to make your server easier and more enjoyable to manage, including moderation, ticketing, economy etc...


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Hosting issues

Half of the bot that i (Oreo) am responsible has been taken offline due to my previous host failing to do its job, so it decided to delete the entire hosting service, i am trying to find an alternative host for now. Due to this issue the following commands/modules have been affected. (13) Commands - Help - Urban - Snipe - Chatlog - Purge - Morse - Loginfo - Ticketinfo - Botinfo - Setup - Whois - Lock - Unlock (6) Modules/Systems - Party System - Ticket System - Moderation System - Logging System - Afk Module - Pet System I am sorry if you were looking to add the bot to use one of these features, I am trying to find a solution to this problem, But while I fix this issue you could join our support server and check for updates


YarbBot - The Peoples Discord Bot

What is YarbBot?

YarbBot is a self funded discord project that me (Oreo ™#0018) and one of my friends (TMƧ ™#3854) worked on for quite a while. Our purpose was to create a bot which contained most of the most requested commands and systems that every discord user has been asking for. This bot first started out as a way for me to test certain commands and events and it soon evolved into what you know now.

Table of contents

Moderation Commands
Economy Commands
Leveling System
Ticket System
Party Creation Module

Moderation Commands

YarbBot includes almost all the necessary commands for a server to be moderated with. This includes, Ban, Warn, Mute, Slowmode, Lock and so much more.

Economy Commands

The economy system included in YarbBot is inspired by the popular economy bot known as Dank Memer. The economy system includes a work, rob, bal, withdraw, deposit etc...

Leveling Commands

The leveling system present in YarbBot cointains a rankcard and level leaderboard.

Ticket Commands

This ticketing system allows users to make tickets to contact staff or to get support without having to DM staff members, this is a must have for any growing server on discord.

Party Commands

The party system is a unique system that allows user to create temporary party vc channels.

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