Banana Bot


A bot that gives you a banana react every time you say banana. Use !help to see what else I can do! Say hello on Twitter: @DiscBananaBot

Banana Bot Commands Prefix: !

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Bot Tags:

Meme Fun

Created By: jerb# 2916

The Banana-Bot was originally designed for the Discord of r/monkytime to feed the very hungry monkeys. However; now that it is in full working order, we would like to offer it to as many servers as possible so you too can have lots of delicious bananas. Please use the !help command to list all other commands used by Banana-Bot.

New updates and features are planned throughout the course of the year, including a banana counter for each user. If you would like to make a suggestion or report a bug, please join the support server or tweet me on Twitter @DiscBananaBot!