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Local Disk (C)

A bot designed to make editing media files easy and fun.


Server Count




CPU Monitor

The bots status will change depending on the cpu load.
It is updated every 5 minutes.
The reference for the cpu load monitor:
  • Normal CPU Load (Less than 10%):
  • Medium CPU Load (Between 10-40%):
  • High CPU Load (More than 40-100%):

Main Commands:

  • contact [msg] | Send a message to the developer
  • example [commandname] | Gets the example of a command
  • hostingstats|stats|hst|host | Gets the hosting server status
  • info | Bots information
  • invite | Gets the bots invite
  • ping | Bot latency
  • privacy | See our privacy policy
  • sponsor | See who sponsors the bot
  • uptime | Gets the bots uptime

Processing Commands:

  • addaudio|ad [urlvideo] [urlaudio] | Add audio to a video file
  • ascii [url\attachment] | Creates and ascii animation from a provided video, only works with video files
  • bassboost|bst [audio\video] [bassvalue] [url\attachment] | Bassboost an audio or video, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • bitrate|b [audio\video] [value (16)] [url\attachment] | Decrease the bitrate of an audio or video, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • convert [fileextension] [url] | Convert a file to another file type e.g: mp4 to ogg
  • countbpm [url] | Count the bpm of a media file
  • equalise|eq [audio\video] [url\attachment] | Equalises the provided media, this command works similar to bassboost
  • fiveai [option] [name] [message] | Uses 15.ai api to generate voices of characters, use >>fiveai voices for a list of supported voices
  • framerate|f [audio\video] [value (10)] [url\attachment] | Change the fps of a video
  • instagram|i [url] | Download the video in a public instagram post
  • join|j [audio\video] [url] [url2] | Join an audio or video, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • mute|m [url\attachment] | Mute a video
  • readmeta [audio\video] [url\attachment] | Read the file info of a video or audio file, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • reverse|r [audio\video] [url\attachment] | Reverse an audio or video, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • shazam|s [url\attachment] | Audio recognition via shazam api
  • slowdown|sl [audio\video] [url\attachment] | Slow down an audio or video, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • soundcloud [url] | Download a soundcloud url
  • speedup|spd [audio\video] [url\attachment] | Speed up an audio or video, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • trim [audio\video] [START TIME | 00:00:00] [END TIME | 00:00:00] [url\attachment] | Trim an audio or video file, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • twitter|t|twit [url] | Download a video in a twitter post
  • vibrato [audio\video] [value (7)] [url\attachment] | Vibrato an audio or video, (Filetypes: audio & video)
  • visualize|v [visualtype] [url\attachment] | Generate visualizes for a media file [vector, waves, spectrum, histogram]
  • youtube|yt|y [search\search-no-download] | Download a youtube video (e.g: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loISXGHw60Q or Tyler, The Creator - Deathcamp (Shadient Remix))

Uploading files is supported as well as direct urls

Example for uploading a file with bassboost command:

Example for using a url with bitrate command:

Server Specs:

  • OS: Ubuntu Server (Raspberry Pi 4)
  • CPU: ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l) | Cores: 4 | Base Speed: 1500 MHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • NET: 20UP \ 100DOWN

The bot has a set cool down of 2 seconds for all commands that require the server to process media, this is due to the fact that it can become very slow under heavy load. The cool down cannot be changed. This bot is coded with love, in python using discord.py.

User Reviews


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D.t 49
D.t 49

Very useful bot for media files and music! I recommend this for every user! :)


Amazing bot and really unique liking it! The bot keeps the audio quality good when converting files!

! Ciaran
! Ciaran

Super unique bot, never seen anything like it before. Very well coded, layout and simple to use. Bravo!

i am frog 🐸
i am frog 🐸

6/5 recommend if you wanna adjust your media files