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Manage your own dinosaur park on Discord! Buy dinosaurs, make shows just like in Jurassic Park, and much more! +70 species to collect!






🦕🏞️ Welcome to Dino Park ! 🏞️🦖

Dino Park is a mini game bot on discord inspired from the Jurassic World franchise allowing you to have your own dinosaur park through discord!

Our support server : Get Support

You can buy dinosaurs, take care of them, do shows to make money, so you can even more dinosaurs! There is more than 70 species to collect and tame!

⚠️But BEWARE! Each dinosaur is different, and some may even be dangerous! Take care of your enclosures, as dinosaurs tend to escape! Dinosaurs that escape their enclosure will damage your park's reputation and deal casualties! 💀

Plenty of features to discover right now!

  • Dinosaurs shows and care!
  • Dinosaur leveling!
  • Building enhancement and production!
  • Dinosaur escapes and recapturing!
  • Enclosure degradation and repairing!
  • Park reputation management and visitor safety!

  • There will be even more features coming soon at your doorstep!

  • Rogue-like Island exploration with your dinosaurs!
  • Enhanced combat mechanics! PVP and PVE!
  • Tournaments and objectives!
  • New dinosaurs and hybrids!
  • And even more features suggested by players!

  • Start your park today by adding Dino Park to your discord server and typing d!start to join the adventure!

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