A simple multipurpose FUN discord bot, moderation, Reddit, memes, doge.

  • Default prefix = "."

  • Name = Rodger

  • Default loggin channel name = rodger-logs

  • Default welcome channel name = rodger-welcome

  • Default goodbye channel name = rodger-goodbye

  • If you want to mention users in your welcome or goodbye msg use {user} in place of where their name would be.



  • alive, Returns bot ping and API latency. ("ping", "latency")
  • alivetime, Returns bot uptime. ("uptime", "runtime")
  • help, Returns bot commands. ("h", "info")
  • avatar, Retunrs user pfp. ("avi", "pfp", "portrait")
  • vote, Return bot vote link. ("none")
  • members, Returns server member count. ("users", "membercount", "usercount")
  • uinfo, Gets info on mentioned user. ("userinfo", "who", "whois")
  • serverinfo, Gets info on joined server ("sinfo", "servstats", "server")
  • stats, Returns bot status. ("status", "s", "rodgerstats")
  • invite, Sends invite link. ("invite", "add")


  • ban, Bans mentioned user. ("none")
  • unban, UnBans user ID from server. ("none")
  • hackban, Bans user from ID ("none")
  • kick, Kicks mentioned user. ("none")
  • warn, Warns mentioned user. ("none")
  • clear, Clears selected ammount of messages. ("purge", "nuke")
  • logchannel, change channel for logs to be sent to. ("none")
  • welcomechannel, change channel for welcome msgs to be sent to. ("none")
  • welcomemsg, change welcome msg. ("none")
  • goodbyechannel, change channel for goodbye msgs to be sent to. ("none")
  • goodbyemsg, change goodbye msg. ("none")
  • prefix, Changes server prefix (none)


  • art, Sends random art image from reddit. (none)
  • wallpaper, Sends random wallpaper image from reddit. (none)
  • meme, Sends random meme image from reddit. (none)
  • cat, Sends random cat image. (none)
  • shibe, Sends random shibe image. ("doge", "dog", "doggo")
  • highfive, High fives mentioned user. ("hf", "5")
  • dab, Dabs on mentioned user. ("none")
  • hack, "Hacks" mentioned user. ("hacc")
  • fbi, FBI OPEN UP! ("none")
  • slap, Slaps mentioned user. ("none")
  • rate, Rates mentioned user. ("none")
  • punch, Punches mentioned user. ("hit", "ko")
  • boop, Boops mentioned user. ("poke", "nose")
  • cookie, Gives cookie. ("none")
  • flipoff, Flips off mentioned user. ("fu", "fuckyou", "fackyou", "fuck", "fuckoff")
  • kiss, Kisses mentioned user. ("none")
  • cuddle, Cuddles mentioned user. ("none")
  • hello, Gives random reply. ("hi", "hey", "hola", "yo")
  • 8ball, Replies to question. ("none")
  • joke, Gives random reply. ("none")
  • opinion, Gives random reply. ("none")