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Pings users when their bitcoin transaction has confirmed.




The Crypto Checker discord bot pings users when their bitcoin transaction has confirmed, if their transaction hash has been entered.

The first step is to find your transaction's hash, which you can check by going to a link of the transaction. It should look similar to this below. 73280938e93bb295ba506e8e624ca00ad5c07e701350b27782ed29e5c81ca1c1

The second step is to then type the check command into the chat with the hash as the first argument, and the amount of confirmations that you want to be pinged at as the second argument (optional, default=1)

>check 73280938e93bb295ba506e8e624ca00ad5c07e701350b27782ed29e5c81ca1c1 3

Once your transaction has been confirmed, the Crypto Checker bot will ping you with an embed containing the following information:

  • The transaction hash
  • Who it was requested by
  • The time it reached n confirmations
  • The time it had taken to reach n confirmations
  • The block it was confirmed in
  • The fee used in $USD
  • The fee per vByte

In the future there will be added a way for users to save their bitcoin address to the bot, and when payments sent to that bitcoin address are confirmed, the bot will ping you.

Please donate to 1CryptoAvYxCzEcXj9i5PCzMsMDK2KQ7fZ to keep this discord bot running.

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