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Wagers, bets, and giveaways all through Discord. Win and redeem Quarters for prizes on our platform!




After qBot is invited to your server, you can customize to select which games you'd like to enable for wagers.

To do so, head over to the #wagers-log channel and type qgame list to view the list of supported games.

qgame enable [game] - To enable the game of your choice

Currently Supported Titles: Fortnite Smash Ultimate



Go to #wagers type:

QW - to wager 25 Quarters

QW Rookie - to wager 100 Quarters

QW Pro - to wager 250 Quarters

QW Champ - to wager 500 Quarters

To accept someone's wager just type back exactly what they put e.g.

Player 1: QW Rookie Player 2: QW Rookie

You then both DM each other and join a custom in-game lobby!

Once completed just type:

QW W - if you won QW L - if you lost

To cancel a wager:



Go to #wagers type:

qw [basic/rookie/pro/champ] @user - to wager against another member of the discord community


qmanage bets enable - to enable qBets in your server; will create the #qbets channel

qmanage bets disable - to disable qBets in your server

qcb Ā«PropositionĀ» :emote: Ā«Option AĀ» :emote: Ā«Option BĀ» - to create a qbet proposition; use the emotes to give options for your community to bet on

qsb Ā«message IDĀ» - to end the qbet proposition qeb "message ID" :emote: - to select the winning option

qBet winners are automatically paid out and listed in the #winners channel


Go to #qbonus and type:

qbonus - earns 250Q on first-time use

Redeemable every hour and every week for additional bonuses Note: qbonus scales with how much you play in scrims and wagers; The more you play, the more you earn!


If there is a dispute between 2 players, you can settle it in the #wager-log channel. The commands to settle the dispute are directly in the messages when a dispute has started.


Game 4ABJp28hkkmmIvmepN13 is unresolved. @weiks & @weiks) have claimed the game is cancelled

qwager loser 4ABJp28hkkmmIvmepN13 567491441123786762 @lukester08

qwager winner 4ABJp28hkkmmIvmepN13 567491441123786762 @lukester08

qwager loser 4ABJp28hkkmmIvmepN13 141637211056635904 @weiks

qwager winner 4ABJp28hkkmmIvmepN13 141637211056635904 @weiks

qwager refund 4ABJp28hkkmmIvmepN13

Just copy and paste the line that corresponds to your action. That's it!

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