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Music bot with possibility to play immediately saved tracks or palaylists. Perfect for tabletop RPG such as DnD or Pathfinder.


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This music bot designed for playing along with tabletop RPG (such as DnD or Pathfinder) or other board games. I make it especially for using by GM(DM) to quick switching between differnt playlists or tracks. But you can use it as regular music bot.


  • Quick slots for tracks and playlists
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


When bot get command to play it automatically join to your voice channel. Default prefix: -, add it right before each command, e.g. -help, -s.


  • help [v?] show list of commands, add v for more info
  • p [url] play track(playlist) from URL or add to queue
  • fp [url] clear queue and play shuffled playlist or track immediately
  • [0..9] play saved tracks immediately, equal to fp [saved url]
  • n skip current track
  • s stop playing and clear queue
  • v [0..200?] display or set volume
  • d disconnect from a voice channel
  • slots show saved URLs
  • save [0..9] [url] [name?] bind url to slot, rest of input will be name but it optional
  • drop [0..9] delete binded link
  • summon attract bot to your voice channel while playing or idle
  • prefix [value] set prefix for commands, enter none to remove it

Max queue size is 50 items.
During idle it will leave voice channel after 5 minutes automatically.
Mention bot to use command without prefix: @Shyrlonay [command].

Supported sources

  • Playlists from YouTube
  • Video from YouTube

Make sure playlists are unlisted or public. There is slightest chance that playing may stuck if it bump into deleted video or video with limitations.


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