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Idle Pokémon is an addictive, pokémon-themed idle clicker game!

Idle Pokémon is an idle clicker game based on Pokémon. As a beginner, you receive the first two pokémons at level 1. Upgrade them or buy another pokémon to increase your damage to fight enemies! Kill them to receive gold - or just go AFK and let the Idle System play for you!

  • You start with a Pichu and Cubone.

  • Fight rivals - Stage bosses including!

  • Buy more pokémons to get more damage!

  • Level your pokémons to increase your DPS and Click Damage!

  • Buy Upgrades and Boosts or other bonuses

  • Unlock Skills

  • 30 Pokémons (constantly expanding)

  • Evolution!

  • Amazing Vote Rewards!

  • Per User Prefix!

Enjoy Idle Pokémon!

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