Nota is a note bot. you can save notes, read them, add something to them, delete them and list them.

Created By: Fguzy# 5577

-------------- Nota Bot --------------


-help                                     	> Opens up the help menu                             
-save {Text to be saved in ""} {Filename}	> Saves a Text (dont forget to put the text in "").  
-read {Filename}                        	> Shows you a saved text.                            
-delete {Filename}	                        > Deletes a Text.                                    
-share {Filename} {Guild ID}	            > Shares a text                                    
-list                                    	> Lists all saved Texts on the server.               
-botservers	                             	> Shows on how many servers the bot currently is on. 
-ping   	                             	> Shows the bot's ping 

Bot owner: Fguzy