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A unique one of a kind bot, made for the fans and community of the beautiful streamer pokimane. Try it out now.


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Happy New Year

Its a new year, and we have some exciting plans to bring into 2021. Pokimane bot is officially coming back to life we are reviving her and bring her in to run as a 24/7 project now. She will be online 24/7 and might experience very little downtime. We plan to add features such as the following: * Brand new rebranding for logos, colors, website, user interfaces and more with a all new yellow theme. * The soundboard is coming back to pokimane along with a new music system to listen to music if you get bored of the sound board lol. * A bunch more image generation and animal image generation commands are coming to pokimane this year. * A brand new tidy and clean per-server leveling system is coming to pokimane bot with leveling ranks, and rewards. * A brand new economy system will be implemented sometime this year with gambling, roleplaying, crimes, and more and the economy feature will be per-server just like leveling, and be customizable like unbelievaboat with a custom shop, and much more. * Alot more new features are coming aswell so fasten your seat belts and get ready to takeoff with the new year! Sincerly, MortalWombat (Developer of Pokimane Discord Bot.)

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