My first bot to be released. i made an multi funtional bot it has fun commands, moderator commands, some info commands too!

Quick tutorial / guide

1. You add the bot. google or use tutorials how to add bots (Its simple....)

2. When the bot joins the guildowner gets a message with some elements and Information

"?" Is the default prefix. set the welcome message via
?setconfig welcomeMessage [The text you want(Use {{user}} as a replaceholder for username and use {{server}} as replaceholder for servername)]
Or disable the welcometext with
?setconfig isWelcomeEnabled false

Set a custom prefix via
?prefix PEFIX
or via (Even though its harder?)
?setconfig prefix PREFIX

Done is my bot with the setup. featurerich bot ^^ Dont forget to suggest your ideas via

?suggestion (Your idea)

Notice: Via the help command you can get alias*es to the commands like: Reddit command can also used as "r/" or "rdt"!

Moderator commands

?ban [mention] [reason] (Bans people simple?)

?kick [mention] [reason] (Kicks people simple?)

?prefix [new prefix] (Sets guild prefix via command)

?purge [number from 1 - 100] (Mass deletes messages (Dont if: message is older then 3 days)

?showconfig (Shows current guildconfig and posible items for setconfig)

?setconfig [item (Like. welcomeMessage)] [new value]

Level system (Newly added.)

?givep [mention] [points] (Gives the points you set to a person..)

?leaderboard (Server leaderboard (Top 10))

?points (Show your current points)

Info commands

?attfi (URL) [Uses to attach a file only via the url.]

?changelog (Gets the changelogs as txt file from a server and post it as a message)

?avatar [mention] (Gets a person avatar)

?giveaway [Min People] [time in seconds] [Item] (Starts a giveaway.)

?help [command | alias] (Shows all commands, or if args it shows help for a command

?owner (Shows bot owner (Basicly. mine discord name))

?ping (Gets bot ping (BROKEN idk why))

?poll [time] [text] (Starts a poll)

?translate [code] [text] [PREMIUM] (Translate text Further explination if i activated the feature on your server on request)

?uptime (Gets bot uptime)

?userinfo [Mention] (Gets userinfo for a user)

Other (Fun and more mixed.)

?add4 [Mention] (Add 4 card)

?cload [Mention] [Optional: [Text]] (Cat load meme.)

?fbi [Mention] (Animated)

?hack [Mention] (Animated. look at your self :D)

?love [Mention] (Gets a love from a person)

?question [Ask somethin'] (Same functionality as a 8ball command)

?rep [Mention] (look at yourself...)

?reverse [Mention] (Reverses someone)

?rip [Mention] [Optional: [Text]] (RIP %%PERSONNAME%%)

?roullete (Be lucky, or be ... g o n e)

?waifu [Or mention] (Gets da waifu command from someone)

Reporting / submit ideas

?bugreport [Bug]

?suggestion [Idea]

Reddit command

?reddit [Subreddit] (Please use the help command to see more details!)

Reddit command now takes subcommands New are: "r/ add", "r/ remove", "r/ allowedreddits"

add - Adds an reddit to the allowedreddits (See help for why i need an allowedreddits list"

remove - Removes an reddit to the allowedreddits (See help for why i need an allowedreddits list"

allowedreddits - an list of currently all the allowedreddits for the guild