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Join Anime Holy Grail War and summon servants from Fate( Astolfo, Saber ...) and other anime series(Bleach, SAO ...) to fight by your side.


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Join The Anime Holy Grail War, collect servants from Fate (Jack, Saber, Astolfo and more) or other anime series (SAO, Code Geass ....) and fight with mobs or other masters in turn based fighting system.

RinBot includes:

  • 120+ characters from different anime series summonable as fate servants (more coming soon)
  • 4 different summoning systems
  • leveling system with stats distribution for both master and servant
  • alignment system
  • crafting system
  • turn based combat (fight with mobs, enemy servants or other masters)
  • command seals usage
  • 50+ spells to learn
  • Holy Grail War System (new Holy Grail War will start every 7 days)
  • Events
use F/help to get the full command list

servants battle pvp crafting spells

User Reviews


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avatar of 運命
運命 1 month ago

I really like it so far, It's so fun and has many features. But, is there a way I can avoid others from using certain commands?


avatar of RinBot
RinBot 2 months ago

Use f/help to get full command list

Replying to Astra~kun(Thighs Squad)

avatar of RinBot
RinBot 2 months ago

For starters use f/help to get all the commands and if you need more detailed help then join our support server and we will be happy to help and guide you :)

Replying to Just Henry

avatar of Tiffart
Tiffart 1 month ago

great bot have it in my server but confused on how to increase your nps lvl?


avatar of Kureiji Gevein
Kureiji Gevein 1 month ago

Loved the bot i can't stop playing it, please add more characters later


avatar of VectoR
VectoR 1 month ago

Quase impossível conseguir a tendencia Lawlful Evil


avatar of Thundaa God
Thundaa God 27 days ago

The bot has a lot of feature, but I think their real name should be also inputted in their profile. And the staff in their support server was very accommodating ;)


avatar of Ayano
Ayano 9 days ago

Can you change the language?


avatar of Christian Silver
Christian Silver 2 months ago

A pretty amazing way to waste time away on discord. Really fun bot and had a blast playing it.


avatar of Elmairy
Elmairy 7 days ago

when I want to lv up my spell it show that my exp not enough. what's that exp? how do I get exp for the spell?