Verify Bot


This ticket BOT will help you keep control when users are in need of help :)

Created By: BradCherry# 3336

Important Things To Know

If you want a staff member to see the tickets they must have the Support Team role. Also this bot is still in work in progress so please be patient with it


-help                         - Gives you a little help

-new [Ticket Reason]          - Creates new ticket

-req                          - Sends you the tickets log file

-close                        - closes your ticket

-add  [@user]                 - adds a user to view your ticket

-inv                          - Gives you the bots invite link so you can enjoy and use it

-uptime                        -Gives you how long the bots been alive for

Support Team Commands

-forceclose                   - Closes a ticket instantly and sends the log file to the user

-remove [@user]               - Removed the mentioned user from the ticket

-supportsetup                 - Sets up the ticket logs and on hold ticket category 

-reactSetup                   - Sets up the reaction ticket channel then do the command again in that channel

-reqStaff                     - Gives you the log file also

-active                       - Sets ticket to active

-inactive                     - Sets ticket to inactive