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A bot that allows access to cytoid api.






Cyrus Bot

A bot that allows a more easy access to the Cytoid API

Bot Commands:

Commands are of 3 categories

  • General Commands
  • Cytoid Commands - Commands to access Cytoid api
  • Guild Settings Commands - Commands to customize the bot

Command arguments and what do they mean?

For anything in \[ \], they are optional and not necessarily required and are dependent on the previous argument.
For anything in \( \), they are compulsory and must be specified.

uid = Cytoid user id.

Guild Settings Commands

  • settings [subcmd] [field] [value] - Sets/Gets settings for the guild

Cytoid Commands

  • getchart (searchquery) - Gets data of the chart with the search query specified.
  • latestchart - Gets the latest chart uploaded on the Cytoid website!
  • account (subcmd) [uid] - Links your discord account to your cytoid profile!
  • profile [discord user/uid] - Gets profile for the user specified.

General Commands

  • about - Some information about Cyrus
  • invite - Sends an invite link for the bot.
  • support - Sends a link to the support server
  • test - Test command to check if bot is alive or dead

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