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Anime Bot, Advanced Giveaways, Beautiful Message and Voter Leaderboard , Starboard, Booster Notification, /commands and many more with SAYA.


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avatar of Dizzy
Dizzy 2 months ago

Saya is a great bot! The commands are funny and the bot rarely has problems :)


avatar of ᗪreadㄥord ムッ

Saya is a perfect bot to use. Thanks for developing a such bot <3 #animeforlife


avatar of Plasma
Plasma 2 months ago

Very poggers it has nice gifs


avatar of Ronit̶h
Ronit̶h 1 month ago

It's a VERY GOOD bot, --Easy to filter GIVEAWAYS --Anime --and much more. What I really hate about is their SUPPORT SERVER. The STAFF team didn't help me get access to SUPPORT Channels & FAQ. Now they KEEP Ignoring me. Why the F*ck did it need to add a ANIME COMMUNITY to it? They could rather keep it a SUPPORT SERVER!


avatar of Saya
Saya 1 month ago

Check out saya.gg/guides for most help or join our support server for more help ;)

Replying to 🐺⛓☠🖤Lunar Queen🖤☠⛓🐺

avatar of amanza67
amanza67 23 days ago

Saya is a great bot! very helpful on my server 10/10! really recommend it!

avatar of Saya
Saya 23 days ago

thank you :3

Replying to amanza67

avatar of _Strawxberry_
_Strawxberry_ 12 days ago

I love Saya! She a wonderful anime bot and she helps me in my group! 10/10 and i will tell my friends about her! <3


avatar of Noisyshy
Noisyshy 1 month ago

she a bitch when it comes to 8ball lmao but nice bot


avatar of fransydt
fransydt 1 month ago

help me with the welcome pls :C

avatar of Saya
Saya 1 month ago

check out https://saya.gg/guides for detailed help

Replying to fransydt

avatar of 5L
5L 14 days ago

made me moan!


avatar of Maiah
Maiah 7 days ago

How do I get wallpapers? Like what's the command? What do I do because I'm so confused ;(

avatar of Saya
Saya 7 days ago

Type s.help wallpapers

Replying to Maiah