Anti Spam


Bot tries to filter nsfw links. It also mutes spamers. Besides, it is also a levelsystem bot.

Created By: pangloss# 4111


Welcome! This bot is a SPAM FILTER bot, that includes a level system with XP-Points and Levels.

SIMPLY create the role:


Your users have to write something first, then their profile will be ready and they will gain points!
With this bot, your users get Xp-points, coins and reputation, if they write actively in your server!
You can buy items, such as books. More will follow!
This bot works with discord.js version 12 and is hosted 24/7.
It works with a database that registers the Xp-points of each user. Backups are made daily!
Users don't lose XP-points,levels or coins, when they join other servers.
Simplicity: My goal is to create a very simple bot for people who are fed up with unclear commands!
This bot is very simple and therefore efficient. This bot also does not need any major permissions.


The help command:xxhelp, a short description of all the commands.
The main commands: xxlevels or xxlevels @user, check your xp/level profile.
The rank command: xxrank, it lists the 5 users with the most Xp from the guild.
The reputation command: xxrep @user => Buy reputation points for your friends.
The shelf: xxshelf inventory(xxshelf feather, poems, book...) => buy books and other objects. More items will follow!
The shelf: xxsizelevels => count the real players in your server!


Join our support-server,if you have suggestions or questions.