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Hello, I guess I should use this shouldn't I? Anyway on The news of the week is a Dashboard! :O Ikr Its cool It's Nowhere near finished but I'm working on it so Don't worry


Blue Sky is a Multi Use Discord bot, It has Over 95 commands and More coming soon! With the work of linklel11#0719 and M4X4#6253 We got the Bot working again!

The Bot Use to be Named Snow Music But we changed that Due to it Not Fitting the bot!

These are just Some Of the Commands!!

setprefix Is the prefix ? bad for you Prefect I made a changeable prefix just for that
serverinfo Get info on that server you are in!
ping Check the bots ping
translate Don't know what that user is saying? just translate it!
8ball Ask that Burning question
play play some great great music.
addcommand Add Custom commands to your server - disabled ATM
welcome Welcome that brand new user to your server
antihoister Are people hoisting their nick names? Use this command to Stop that!
work work work work get the money money money
rob :o rob someone
advice get some life advice
botstats get the stats of the bot
afk go afk and tell people why.. if they ping you it tells them where you went
wouldyourather would you rather use this bot or not
warn warn that user!
warns how many warns you got?
slowmode change the slowmode of the channel
slap slap your friend

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