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Accela is a new osu! and moderation bot with a focus on looking clean and simple.

Created By: Avatar of Karp Karp# 0001


Accela is a new osu! and moderation bot

We are currently in beta but have functional and neat osu! related commands. Accela strives to become a simple and elegant looking osu! bot which only shows the user the most important information.

For more information visit our website at accela.xyz

Commands (Updated: 18 Nov 2020)

Note: Not all commands here may be usable or up to date. Please run the help command to view an up-to-date command list.


  • ban: Ban a user from the server
  • config: Set's configuration for the server
  • kick: Kick a user from the server
  • mute: Mute a member
  • prefix: Set's prefix for the server
  • soft-ban: Kick a member and remove messages
  • temp-mute: Temporally mutes users
  • unmute: Unmute a member


  • calc: Calculates pp
  • catch: Gets the requested osu! user information for catch the beat
  • compare: Compares with last score sent
  • link: Links osu! account for use with osu commands
  • leaderboard: Leaderboard of verified osu! accounts in the server
  • mania-recent: Gets the recently completed score on mania
  • mania: Gets the requested osu! user information for mania
  • map: Gets the requested beatmap information
  • mode: Changes mode for rank role system (ONLY AVAILABLE IN OSU! GAME SERVER)
  • osu: Gets the requested osu! user information
  • recent: Gets the recently completed score on osu!
  • top: Gets the top score of the user
  • unlink: Unlinks osu! account
  • verify: Verifies your osu! account


  • anime: Displays information about requested anime
  • manga: Displays information about requested manga
  • play: How to get better at osu!


  • avatar: Gets the avatar of the user
  • bot-info: Get information about the bot
  • help: List all of my commands or info about a specific command
  • invite: Invite the bot into your own server
  • ping: Ping!
  • repo: Posts the github repository
  • server-info: Get information about the server
  • support: Get the link to the support server
  • user-info: Get information about yourself or a user

Special Thanks

  • Phil
  • Peeman69
  • Stedoss
  • Noah
  • Ek

User Reviews


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avatar of Phil
Phil 7 days ago

Accela is what it's advertised to be, a simple and clean osu! bot with the usual commands you know from "owo" and "BoatBot". The biggest reason why i would recommend Accela over the alternatives is: Accela has a osu-profile verification system preventing people from impersonating top players.


avatar of Oni
Oni 7 days ago

I Cant Invite Bot

avatar of Accela
Accela 7 days ago

Hello, Currently, Accela is at the maximum number of servers (100) that is can be in before verification. Please try again in a week to invite the bot as we work towards getting verified. Thanks, Karp

Replying to Oni