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HavenBot features a large toolbox for server adminsistrators and moderators to setup and run their server.


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All commands use the same prefix. ">" is the default prefix, but it can be changed to any character(s) you choose.

Note that features can be enabled/disabled at administrator discretion. Any feature, such as the level system, basic chat commands, or utility commands, which can be used by any user, can be disabled by administrators. All functions except the logging and join-leave are enabled by default.

Level System: The HavenBot level system grants XP for chatting as well as inviting users to the server. Top users are displayed on a server-wide leaderboard. The system supports roles granted at certain levels, as well as roles that grant XP boosts. These can be used to create a permissions flow based on activity, and can also be offered as rewards.

Logging: HavenBot features a log that provides detailed information on important events that occur in the server. Deleted messages, edited messages, moderation actions and administration actions are all logged, among other things.

Moderation: HavenBot has commands for warnings, timed mutes, and timed bans. These commands integrate with the logs and join-leave, and provide proper notification to the user.

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