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Koffee Is a nice multi functional Discord bot OwO with a wide variety of commands, From fun to social/games and more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!


Make sure @Koffee has Administrator permissions and that his Role is above all others to avoid any Permission Problems

You can also DM me if you're having issues on your server or have questions

Now available as a test version!

A testing version of the RPG Based game is now available!

Use the navigation bar on your page to learn more about it or simply scroll all the way down!

Leveling System (disabled by default)

(Use>lvlsys to enable it if you have admin permissions)@koffee will scan all server members(bots not included) and build a leveling system database upon enabling the leveling system. Every message sent on the server grants 1xp. Xp required to level up increases exponentially everytime a user levels up. Whenever a new member joins he MUST send atleast one message in order to be added to the leveling system. The maximum Level you can reach is 75! (No one has done it yet)


All Commands are only allowed to be executed on a server! Each command executed has a 10% chance of making koffee send a random quote!

Use >help for the latest commands info | use >news to get the latest @Koffee Updates Info. The ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) commands can only be seen in a server

Most recent Update

Minor Bug Fixes

Use >help command in your server to see the new special Halloween commands!

Command Category Description Who can use this command? Syntax examples Detailed Command description
Acr fun Set a custom reaction to a given message or word Requires "Manage Server" Permission >Acr sentence or words|how koffee should react in this example @Koffee will say "how koffee should react" everytime he detects
"sentence or words" is in a sentence.
use " | " to separate betweenthe message to react and the message of how to react
Dcr management Deletes a custom reaction Requires "Manage Server" Permission >Dcr sentence or words Simply deletes the "sentence or words" custom reaction, @Koffee will no longer
react to that message
Lcr management Displays all the current created custom reactions on the server Requires "Manage Server" Permission >Lcr N/A
purge management Purges an entire channel Requires "Manage Server" Permission >purge The command requires a confirmation from the user that triggered the comman
gamesys management enables the game system Requires "Manage Server" Permission >gamesys N/A
lvlsys management enables/disables the leveling system Requires "Manage Server" Permission >lvlsys N/A
free4all game management enables/disables the levels check in game system. When enabled any user can attack any user regardless of their level Requires "Manage Server" Permission >free4all N/A
Lock Server utilities Locks down an entire channel. Server owner only >Lock This command sets the @everyone role "send message" permission to False. This means that if you lock down a channel but you have other roles that have the "send message" permission enabled they will still be able to send messages
Unlock Server utilities Unlocks a channel. Server owner only >Unlock N/A
abyss image sends a random wallpaper on wall.alphacoders.com with a given tag(s) Everyone
>abyss Tokyo Ghoul N/A
ahegao fun/image sends an ahegao picture owo Everyone >ahegao N/A
feed fun/image feed @someone Everyone >feed @Koffee Supports multiple mentions, >feed @person1 @person2, No mention will refer to the user
gif fun/image Sends a gif from GIPHY.com Everyone >gif laugh N/A
holo image sends random holo picture OwO Everyone >holo N/A
hug image hug @someone Everyone >hug @Koffee Supports multiple mentions, >hug @person1 @person2, No mention will refer to the user
kiss image kiss @someone Everyone >kiss @Koffee Supports multiple mentions, >kiss @person1 @person2, No mention will refer to the user
kitsune image sends a random kitsune picture OwO Everyone >kitsune N/A
koffee image sends random anime coffee picture Everyone >koffee N/A
love image sends love to @someone Everyone >love @Koffee Supports multiple mentions, >love @person1 @person2, No mention will refer to the user
meme fun/image sends a random meme from my personal best meme subreddits or send a random meme from
a given subreddit
Everyone >meme
>meme dankmemes
Provide no parameter to send a random meme based on my personal best meme subreddit
the optional parameter refers to a subreddit name, Example:
>meme DeepDriedMemes //sends a random post from /r/DeepFriedMemes
magik image applies magik effect to a given image or on a member's profile picture Everyone >magik [args] >magik // applies to self
>magik @target // applies to target
>magik [attach image along with this command]// applies to the image attached
Max file size is 1MB
meow image sends a random meow picture Everyone >meow N/A
neko image send random neko~ picture OwO (may include ecchi) Everyone >neko N/A
news info Displays latest info or updates about @koffee Everyone >news N/A
owoify fun owoify your sentences! OwO Everyone >owoify this pretty sentence will get OwOified! Returns a OwOified sentence
pat fun/image pats @someone Everyone >pat @Koffee Supports multiple mentions, >pat @person1 @person2, No mention will refer to the user
ping info displays current Koffee ping Everyone >ping N/A
poke fun/image pokes @someone Everyone >poke @Koffee Supports multiple mentions, >poke @person1 @person2, No mention will refer to the user
react fun makes @koffee react to a given ID message with a given emoji Everyone >react <message ID> 😊
reddit fun/image seek for a post on a given subreddit with a given tag(s) Everyone >reddit DankMemes Stonks >reddit first argument is a subreddit name. The second argument is a text that msut be present on a post
>reddit Dankmemes Time to crusade //sends a post that has "time to crusade on it" on /r/DankMemes
report management report to the dev errors and unexpected behavior of @Koffee Everyone >report command >meme not working got error 403 N/A
slap fun/image slaps @someone Everyone >slap @Koffee Supports multiple mentions, >slap @person1 @person2, No mention will refer to the user
servers info Displays in how many servers @Koffee is currently in Everyone >servers N/A
snipe info Dsplays the content of the last deleted message Everyone >snipe N/A
sat/saturate fun/image saturates a picture or someone's profile picture Everyone >sat @somene use >sat and attach an image to saturate the image
tickle fun/image tickles @Someone Everyone >tickle Supports multiple mentions, >tickle @person1 @person2, No mention will refer to the user
user info display info about a given user Everyone >user @Koffee Display info about a user: discriminator,server Nickname,is it a bot?,Time of server join,Current user status(offline,dnd,etc...)
is he/she using mobile rn?,Role hierarchy and its position (displays the top role the user has and its position[The higher the value the better])
waifu image sends a random waifu image owo Everyone >waifu N/A
wallpaper image sends a random anime wallpaper Everyone >wallpaper N/A
web info send a link to this page Everyone >web N/A
woof image sends a random doggo picture Everyone >woof N/A
thicc/thick image/fun thicks an image Everyone >thicc @someone use >thicc with a picture attached to thick the attached image
xp info displays the current xp from @Koffee's leveling system of a user Everyone >xp
>xp @Koffee
help info displays in the current channel all commands that are available for the user that executed the command along
with a brief description
Everyone >help N/A
attack Game Attacks @target Everyone >attack @target [integer] attacks your target, target MUST have a class set in order to be vulnerable to attacks
"integer" is an optinal argument.
User 0 or leave blank to attack with basic attack,Use 1 to cast primary ability,2 for secondary and 3 for ultimate
class_info Game displays info about a given class type Everyone >class_info class_name class types available
create_class Game assigns a class to your hero Everyone >create_class class_name class types available
class_stats Game displays the current stats of your hero Everyone >class_stats N/A
set_active Game Quickly changes to another class that you have created earlier Everyone >set_active class_name class types available
In order to set a class active you must have created it before
use_potion Game uses a consumable Everyone >use_potion potion_name [integer] available potions
the "integer" parameteris optional, It defines how many potions you will consume at once. Leave blank to consume 1 potion only
set_team Game Creates and team and joins as leader or joins a team if it already exists as member Everyone >set_team team_name team name can be whatever you like, Avoid using special characters, it may corrupt the database.
Careful: Team names are case sensitive, Team "owo" and team "OwO" will be considered as two different teams
reset Game Updates Your hero class to the latest Game update Everyone >reset As i am NOT the best game creator, this game **may** not be balanced and will most probably require balancing over time.
This command allow you to update your character to the latest classes info and stats. Only your [kills/kill streak/points/team/level/gender/Hero image] will be conserved
team_ban Game bans a member from a team Team Leader Only >team_ban @team_member You cannot ban a member that is not on your team,The leader Cannot ban themself...It would be...Shame...
team_unban Game unbans a member from a team Team Leader Only >team_unban @team_member N/A
team_members Game Displays the current team composition Everyone >team_members N/A
upgrade Game Upgrades your hero stats Everyone >upgrade stat_name [integer] Spends a given amount of points to upgrade a given stat of your hero
available stats to upgrade
"integer" is an optional paramater, if you leave it blank it will spend 1 point by default

Introduction To The RPG Based Game

This is an Rpg Turn-Based Game where you can fight against everyone or build your own own team/guild or even join one!
There are 4 main character class types Melee,Caster,Ranger,Assassin.
Each class specializes in a certain domain, damage, resistance, ability power or agility!

Basics and game logic

  • ●You can attack as many players as you want (the enemy must have setup a class first) but you are not able to attack twice the same target. You will have to wait until the enemy attacked you back

  • ●Once you die, You will be instantly revived with full HP and Mana, Your Kill streak will be reset and your potions will be stolen by the enemy.

  • ●You will always regenerate your mana at the end of your turn, The amount is specified on your class stats. say you have a (+40) under your mana stat, this means you regenerate 40 mana per round

  • ●If you're the leader of a team and you leave the team, the team will be destroyed and all members will leave

  • ●Friendly fire will warn you only once before kicking you off of the team for betrayal (All members are immune to Leader's Friendly Fire)

  • ●You will level up every 3 kills, Leveling up grants you 3 points that can be spent on upgrades. You cannot attack those who are more than 1 level ahead or behind you for balance Reasons

  • ●Feel free to add your own rules to the game

  • ●On fatal hit, all heroes have a 1% chance of self reviving and going back to the battlefield with 10% health restored

The Class Types
(the stats may have changed since the moment I took the screenshots)

The Ranger

Tactical Unit. Has a bit of everything.

ranger abilities

The Melee

Focus on survivability

melee abilities

The Caster

Focus on ability damage

caster abilities

The Assassin

Focus on damage and agility

assassin abilities

Combat Mechanics

You can attack as many players as you want (the enemy must have setup a class first) but you are not able to attack twice the same target. You will have to wait until the enemy attacked you back
To attack use the >attack command.
To attack someone you'll need to mention the target >attack @target
The attack command takes 2 arguments, the first being a required argument which is the @target and the second one being a number which represents the ability used to attack the enemy.

  • >attack @target // attacks enemy with basic attack
  • >attack @target 1 // casts primary ability on enemy
  • >attack @target 2 // casts secondary ability on enemy
  • >attack @target 3 // casts ultimate ability on enemy
Passive abilities cannot be casted! They are already enabled all time by default!

Here are some attacks examples

attack example
attack example 2
attack example 4


By default when you create a class you do not belong to any team and you're vulnerable to any attack.
You are free to join a team or build one in your own using the command >set_team

  • ●If the team you set does not exist, You create it and join it as Leader
  • ●If the team exists and you're not banned from it you join the given team as a member
  • ●Each of your characters can belong to its own team (say you have a melee and a ranger, the melee character can be in team1 and the ranger in team2 [same applies for Leadership])
  • ●Team names are case sensitive >set_team MyTeam is not the same as >set myteam. They will be considered two totally different teams
  • >team_ban @member can only be used by the team leader, Same goes for >team_unban @member
  • ●Friendly Fire will cause team kick (has 1 warning before kicking the player) [All members are Immune to Leader's attacks]
  • ●if you're a team leader and you change team, Your old team will be destroyed and all members will no longer belong to any team

join example
join example
join example
join example


Each time you level up, You get 3 points which you can spend on your hero's stats health,armor,damage.

  • ●you can use >Upgrade stat [points]. Stat represents the stat name to upgrade and points representshow many points to spend on upgrading
  • >uprgade health //spends 1 point on health
  • >upgrade damage 5 //spends 5 points on damage
  • ●each character has their own points and potions, they cannot be use across your different heroes

uprgade example
uprgade example


There are no real Rules In this game, The rules are already implemented by the game mechannics itself such as not allowing a player attack twice the same players and so on...
Feel free to add your own rules

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